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My bookmarks won't stay sorted.

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There are several questions about this. I've opened my own on this very issue several months back.

Title says it all. Bookmarks don't stay sorted at all.

Sorting by the bar, or through the Library button, doesn't make them stay. Signing out of my profile, removing it, and signing back in doesn't fix it.

Bookmarks will become jumbled at random. Could be every ten minutes, or sessions between, say, work and home.

The heck is going on?


This issue is quite old, and still exists. Why?

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Are you using sync? If so, shut it down.

Are you using any bookmark add-ons/programs?

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But I want my bookmarks to sync...

And no, I only use ublock, decentraleyes, and bitwarden.

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As a test, shut down sync for a few days. Is the problem still there?

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As I told you 6 months ago in your first question thread, Dis-connect from Sync before moving or re-arranging bookmarks. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1233972#answer-1154770 Did you read my answer there?

In the Library window, don't use the Views > Sort menu. That only changes the "View" in the Library window and when that window is closed the "view" to created disappears. It does not do a permanent sort action that Firefox will remember. As it relates to your first question, if you drag folders on the Bookmarks Tool Bar to different positions, that will actually move those folders, and Firefox should remember.

But when you are using Sync, dis-connect from the Sync server first. Then when you are done making changes to your bookmarks, connect back to Sync to send those changes thru to the Sync server; and don't close Firefox too soon after re-connecting to Sync.

Moving a few bookmarks around in Firefox seems to work fine, but Sync seems to change to a "batch mode" for sending changes to the Sync server when folder of bookmarks are moved, and it goes to "batch mode" that rather quickly it seems in recent years.

I have watched Firefox & Sync and have seen the sending of data to the Sync server stop when re-arranging a large number of bookmarks with "test" Profiles. And then re-start sending data when I stop moving bookmarks around or I take a break from moving bookmarks. But if I start moving bookmarks around again, sending data will stop again.

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"As I told you 6 months ago in your first question thread, Dis-connect from Sync before moving or re-arranging bookmarks. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1233972#answer-1154770"

Yes, did that. Didn't help. Which is why I'm back.

I'll try disabling sync for a few days, I guess, but this seems counter productive. I'm always adding, moving, and deleting bookmarks on a daily basis.

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Do you notice this when you start the browser, or while surfing? Does it change back to what it was?


Note: Some software, like Advanced SystemCare with Surfing Protection, can protect files in the Firefox profile folder against changes. If you have such software then check the settings or uninstall this software.

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Which devices are connected to your Firefox Account?

Only desktop and laptop computers? Or are any "mobile" devices also connected? IOW, is Firefox for Android or Firefox for iOS involved with Sync?