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I don't want to have firefox telling me to update when updates are handled external to firefox. How do I get rid of that extreme annoyance?

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EVERY time I run Firefox it tells me an update is available and asks to update. However, updates to firefox are handled through an external package manager so there is no reason for it to keep harassing me. Up until v.63 this was not a problem as I simply clicked "never check for updates" and let the package manager handle it - as it should. Now some bozo has decided to remove that and try to force an update that will completely screw up my package manager. WTF Mozilla! Are you trying to decrease your user base? Give us back the option to control our updates!

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The option to block Firefox from checking for updates was moved to an external Policy file enabled by the build-out of Firefox for Enterprise. For details, see:

Users who have tested this approach report it is a complete block: Firefox cannot discover updates even if you click the button in the About Firefox dialog.

Let your IT know about this option if it affects your entire organization. And also: Customizing Firefox Using Group Policy (Windows).

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This is an issue for me as an individual user not as part of an enterprise. Why did you feel the need to force this on me?

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I don't understand your comment. I'm not forcing anything on you. You can either use the new option or not use the new option, as you wish. Totally your call.

Here in support we work with the Firefox we have today and can suggest relevant features, settings changes, and workarounds. If that doesn't suit your needs, you can submit comments and suggestions through one or more of the following links:

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You can try whether setting this pref via user.js in the profile folder (or via about:config) works for you.

  • user_pref("app.update.disabledForTesting", true);

Note that it isn't guaranteed that this keeps working.

  • Bug 1485928 - Add an environment variable to prevent update checks

(please do not comment in bug reports

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jscher2000 said

I don't understand your comment. I'm not forcing anything on you. You can either use the new option or not use the new option, as you wish. Totally your call.

To clarify: I was not saying you specifically but you generally as in Mozilla Organization.

Your proposed solution was not helpful because you advised I contact my IT personnel about changing some group policy. I am an individual user. There is no IT personnel (other than me) and no group policy since there is no group.

My problem is that firefox keeps popping up a window to update firefox. That is fine if I had installed firefox using the firefox installer on Windows. Of the myriad methods for installing firefox that is the ONLY one I can think of where letting firefox self-update is a good thing. Unfortunately that is probably the method used by an overwhelming majority of firefox users and is thus the only one in the "crosshairs" of developers.

The other methods use either an external package manager which also handles dependencies or compiling from source (which ultimately is also what most package managers do too).

In my case (for this instance) I am running firefox as a portable app from a usb drive. There is a package manager that monitors and updates the various portable apps I am using. This allows me to use various programs without contaminating the windows installation or the registry. I can also use the same programs (and s3ettings) on multiple computers. If firefox self-updates that screws up the package manager database. So I don't want firefox to self-update. Thus I don't want to be daily reminded that there are updates available and I need to let firefox self-update. I will update when the package manager updates firefox.

This was not an issue in previous versions as I could set firefox to "never check for updates". That option has now been removed as of V63. That is the problem. I want a way to set firefox to "never check for updates".

Also I have no "new option" to use. I have had the option I used to use removed on me.

As an aside the package manager just issued an update for firefox so i am free of the annoyance until the next firefox update.

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Hi nevarmaor, it sounds like you skipped most of my first reply, which links to articles and resources for "self help." That is the new options I was referring to.

Since this presumably is an issue for all PortableApps users, why not contact them about what they suggest?