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Firefox gets very slow over time and using loads of RAM

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I'm a web developer and love FF. Lately (over the past month or so) it gets slow and lags after about an hour or so of use. Memory starts at about 280mb and climbs to over 5000mb in use under Task Manager (CPU is fine). I have tried turning off all plugins (3 of them) but doesn't help. I have set the theme back to standard - still the same. I have about 12 tabs open. Have updated to Version 62.0.3 (64-bit) today but still slow. PC spec - 24GB RAM, Intel i7 3.33GHz (12 core 64bit), Windows 10, NVidia GTX 1060 6GB.

Please help?

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Hello, Is FF the only program that has this strange behavior ? Over the past month or so you install a W10 update?

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Its seems to just be with FF, I have tried using other browsers with similar tabs open and it does also consume quite a bit of RAM but nothing like the amout from FF. E.G. right now FF using 2,685mb (restarted about 45min ago) - with the same Tabs open in Chrome it uses 720mb.

FF seems to start fine but gradualy the memory useable gos up and up.... W10 has had a few small updates but this behavior has been going on for ages (i think since around V58). Maybe a memory leak?

Any ideas worth trying?

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Thanks WestEnd, I will give that a go and report back in the next few days.

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I have this problem also, that Firefox is an unbelievable memory hog, and it started with the release of the Quantum version. For me it was so clearly associated with changes to Firefox itself that I doubt West End's recommended solution will do any good.

I found two ways to cope: 1) lower the about:config setting "dom.ipc.processCount" from the default 4 to 2. For me that tends to limit Firefox to just a bit over 2GB of memory hogging. 2) bookmark "about:memory" and open it every time you use Firefox, and periodically click "Minimize memory usage," especially after closing tabs. If Firefox has expanded to 2GB, clicking the button will usually reduce it by about half a GB.