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Can't remove cookies using keyboard

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In Firefox 60 when I go to delete individual cookies I can no longer use the "delete" key on the keyboard. This was always useful for quickly deleting any unwanted cookies, scroll using the arrow then delete. Now I have to ctrl+click, scroll and click remove. One mis-click and they all get unselected and you have to start again. How to re-enable the delete key?

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Where/how are you removing the cookies? Are you using any cookie control add-ons?

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I'm removing them using the menus:

Menu > Options > Privacy+Security > Manage data

Highlight a cookie/data press DELETE key, nothing happens. Can only click the "Remove selected" button. Previous versions of FF I could just press DELete key and remove individual cookies.

Just a minor pain when weeding out cookies I don't want.

Also just noted that you can only delete all cookies from a site, not select the ones you want, which was useful when testing.

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Let’s do a full clean re-install;

Download Firefox For All languages And Systems {web link}

Save the file. Then Close Firefox.

Using your file browser, open the Programs Folder on your computer.

Windows: C:\Program Files C:\Program Files (x86)

Mac: Open the "Applications" folder. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-download-and-install-firefox-mac

Linux: Check your user manual. If you installed Firefox with the distro-based package manager, you should use the same way to uninstall it. See Install Firefox on Linux; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-firefox-linux

If you downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder Firefox in your home directory. http://www.mozilla.org/firefox#desktop ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Look for, and remove any Mozilla or Firefox program folders. Do not remove the Mozilla Thunderbird folder if there is one.

Do Not remove any profile folders.

After rebooting the computer, run a registry scanner if you have one. Then run the installer. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If there is a problem, start your Computer in safe mode and try again.

http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Linux+Safe+Mode This shows how to Start all Computers in Safe Mode; Free Online Encyclopedia

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Thanks.. tried that and no change: Removed Firefox Found old 32 bit version, removed also. Re-installed from fresh download (60.0.1 64bit). Same problem, DELete key doesn't work in that box.

Note: Under the "Manage Data..." button there is another button "Exceptions..." As a test I added an Exception to this list then deleted it again using the DEL key, so it does work sometimes, just not in the cookies (Manage Data..) options box. Odd.

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I called for more help.

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Yes, I've noticed this as well that you need to click the Remove button to remove data in the new style Cookie Manager window.

The Remove button has the 'R' underlined, so you can use Alt+Shift+R to activate the button as a workaround.

In Firefox 60 the Delete key works if you use the old style Cookie Manager that you can access via the View Cookies button on the "Page Info -> Security" page. This isn't possible in Firefox 61+.

You can inspect cookies and passwords and permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab via these steps:

  • click the Control Center 'i' icon at the left end of the location/address bar
  • click the arrow to expand the security message
  • click "More Information" to open "Tools -> Page Info"
  • click "Security" to inspect and modify cookies and passwords and inspect the certificate in a standalone window
  • click "View Cookies" in "Tools -> Page Info -> Security" to inspect the cookies for the domain in the currently selected tab
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Thank cor-el. Yes shift+alt+R works, except that moves the focus to the button so you still have to mouse-click back in the list. Odd that it's just this list - the other lists in the Options page accept the DEL key. hey ho.

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You can probably use Shift+Tab to go back to the treechilderen area with the logins. Note that focus is there, but nothing is selected and you need to use the up/down cursor key to select an entry.