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Firefox will no longer let me paste code from dreamweaver into my website - it used to work fine, now i can paste anything else, but not code?

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I have several places online, where I create code in dreamweaver and then I copy and paste it onto a website - firefox used to be fine when I did this. Now that I've updated, it won't. I can copy and paste other things, but not code. Its not dreamweaver - It will copy and paste code into text edit or pages. It's not the computer - when I try copy and pasting into chrome, it also works fine. but firefox - nothing, i just get whatever the last thing was that i copied - it seems to be a problem specific to dreamweaver - as if i try to copy code from elsewhere on firefox and then paste it it seems to work fine - I've used firefox for years - with no problem. and now... i'm going to have to switch everything over to chrome is I can't fix this - help!

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Hi, seems there is current a issue with dreamweaver reported here : Also a unconfirmed open bug (please do not make comments in bugzilla) You may want to file a bug report citing the bug # above : file a bug report. Bug Writing Guidelines :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.