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latestsversion of firefox 38.0.1 disables my norton toolbar

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pretty simple, I go to the addons and it curtly says.......Norton Toolbar is incompatible with Firefox 38.0.1. So I have gon3 back to firefox version37.0.2 which I was warned has SERIOUS security problems.

Firefox is starting to sound like Microsoft in its "explanations". It worked before now when I upgrade it is suddenly not compatible.

We all know that the coders made a mistake in the nwest version.....so why not fix it. I am beginning to think I may go back to Internet Explorer ......

So Firefox, when will you make Firefox compatible with the extremely popular norton toolbar, ID Vault etc.

I don't think any settings users proipose will fix this...only MOZILLA can.

pretty simple, I go to the addons and it curtly says.......Norton Toolbar is incompatible with Firefox 38.0.1. So I have gon3 back to firefox version37.0.2 which I was warned has SERIOUS security problems. Firefox is starting to sound like Microsoft in its "explanations". It worked before now when I upgrade it is suddenly not compatible. We all know that the coders made a mistake in the nwest version.....so why not fix it. I am beginning to think I may go back to Internet Explorer ...... So Firefox, when will you make Firefox compatible with the extremely popular norton toolbar, ID Vault etc. I don't think any settings users proipose will fix this...only MOZILLA can.

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Hi Bob, I'm puzzled why everyone else can get the latest Norton toolbar but you cannot. Firefox discovers the toolbar using entries under this registry key:


(The bolded part is for users with 64-bit versions of Windows)

Do you want to check whether there is some error with the path, maybe pointing to an older installation, instead of to your current Norton installation?

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hello, according to norton the toolbar is compatible with firefox versions including the current release version. please run the norton liveupdate utility repeatedly & until all components are up-to-date. in addition make sure that the toolbar is enabled under firefox > addons > extension afterwards.

for more information please refer to https://community.norton.com/en/blogs/product-update-announcements/firefox-38-support-norton-toolbar

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Not only does this not resolve the problem, the FIREFOX add in section itself states"Norton Toolbar is incompatable with FireFox 38.0.1" to me when Firefox states that, means they have a bug and it needs fixing. No amount of updating orton will fix this issue, and Firefox admits it is a problem

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this is not a firefox problem. have you compared the version number of the norton toolbar in the firefox addons manager which the one that is listed on norton's compatibility notice linked above? if they do not match, you'll have to update the toolbar to solve the problem...

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Sorry about the problems, but as a coder yourself you will probably realise that this particular Norton software uses binary components and unlike standard addons nearly always needs updating by Norton for each version of Firefox.

Your core Norton security software should continue working and protecting you. Some people may question the value of the toolbar components of Norton software.

Hopefully you will be back onto the current version of Firefox again. Just for advance warning there will likely be a new point release of Firefox 38.0.5 within a few days.

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Good smart answer, and I appreciate your introspection. Without access to the coding its a hit or miss. Updating norton does absolutely no good, and Firefox claims in the addon section-that it is NORTON whom is the problem. I've contacted Norton, and they make the same disclaimer about Firefox.

I have not used Firefox for a period long enough to see seeveral incremental versions and the problems from each.

I know that the toolbar works just fine 37.0.2 and would hate to think that Firefox is lettine IE best them in areas like this. While Norton may need to update the toolbar to accomodate Firefox, they say Firefox should update to accomodate Norton.

As with IE (sigh) they have always found coding patches to align with other programs.

I am hoping that maybe both will accommodate each other.

Thank you for your very insight filled answer and thank you for taking time to answer. Bob

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Again another post indicates a new incremental version of firefox will release in a few days....I will cross my fingers, and hope. I am impressed with the responses, the intelligent answers work arounds and such. Thank you all!

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That would be this version that was the previous beta:

Norton decided to make extensions that work with Firefox. They are (should be) fully aware that this implies to update their software for each new Firefox release (i.e. every six weeks) to make sure that their customers aren't bothered with their browser not working properly. There are beta releases of the next version and two alpha release versions, so they have at least six weeks time to test the next release. A lot of extensions (software) created by companies that deal security have been created a lot of issues in Firefox that wouldn't have happened if they did their job in the background instead of integrating in Firefox via extensions. Even in the background they cause issues with intercepting secure HTTPS connections that require to build a two stage connection (Firefox -> security software and security software -> internet server) to be able to scan all content that requires to generate a certificate on the fly. Firefox and you are never able to see the website's certificate in such a case.

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bobsterncat Are you using a Comcast version of Norton or is it from Norton?. Updates from Comcast tends to be slow.

Also what version of the Norton extension does it say you have?

If you do not have the current update for toolbar from Norton then of course it is not going to be compatible with Firefox 38.

If you do by chance have the current version from Norton, then the Extension could be disabled so try to enable it.

Unlike regular Extensions, the ones provided to work with software like this needs to be updated for each new major Firefox version (chemspill updates not an issue).

One good thing about Norton is that unlike many other clients providing toolbars like this, Norton has usually had a update for their toolbar within a day of Firefox Release even since Firefox 5.0

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I am using PAID for full 360, not the junk comcast or anyone nelse offers.

When I attempt to upgrade, the first thing tha comes up is "norton toolbar not compatible with this version".


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I think some clarification of facts is needed here, if we are to get to the bottom of the issue.

This Norton tool bar must; I assume; have a high number of users needing it to work on Firefox 38.

  • What are other users saying ?
    • Do some say it works ?
      Or do they all say it does not work ?
  • And what specifically are Norton saying ?

Of course it helps to have more facts so we all know what is being tried. Otherwise we are not necessarily comparing like for like; if someone makes a claim that a Norton toolbar does, or does not work.

My suggestions Would it be possible for you to get Norton to confirm the position publicly on one of their fora, or by reference to a public announcement ?

Are you able to state the full details of the updated toolbar software you are using, its full name and version details, and the hash if available.

Next confirm with Norton that that is the correct toolbar software for whatever other Norton software it may be used with and of course Firefox38. Norton should then either be able to confirm this combination works and has been tested by them, or that it is not suitable for Firefox 38.

If they blame Firefox are they able to give technical details. It is hard to see how they can throw blame on Firefox because they wrote the software and it should have been designed and tested to work with Firefox 38. Hypothetically they may say they are waiting for some Firefox bug fix, if so which one, but they would be aware from the bug and from Firefox Beta that the current Release did not have that fix.

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I installed latest upgrade version 38.0.5 the very first note that came up prior to installing said not compatible with Norton toolbar. I installed it anyway just to test, and it is not compatible, nor will any tweaking make my Norton IDVAULT work.

So with that said, and the fact that Norton in its last message said they made it compatible, leans me to think that Mozilla/Firefox tweaked enough that it does not work.

Irrespective of all this, my myopic view is that Mozilla Firefox still has not resolved this issue nor has Norton. Apparantly neither cares that thier customers functionality is damaged, and just dont give a binary.

So posts from this point will just be rants, venting or eye poking unless someone finds a way to make this work....and I have tried every known suggestion and hypothesis. Just like the urban legend you can fix your own windshield cracks with salt, bug repellant, Isopropyl alcohol and water.....it just doesn't work. I will keep version 37.0.2 until one is put out that works with Norton toolbar. If I had to pay for this, I would ask for my money back. On a final note, I love Mozillas Firefox. It is quick, secureable, configurable and just plain "nifty" one word i would use to describe it when they fix the toolbar issue would be "BAZINGA".

Thank you all

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what's the version number of the norton extension in the firefox addons manager?

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Hello Philipp and good day!

The exact identification is.... Norton Toolbar 2014.7.12.7

I want to thank you for enduring this and your perserverance to help. I really do appreciate this, as it is rare to find such dedicated help. On a side note, and I don't like to "flame" companies, but after almost an hour on the phone with Norton support, it was hard to understand the agent because of a deep accent, however after all the troubleshooting, they wanted to remote in to my OS(via internet) and I wont let them.

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Philipp, I forgot to tell you that my norton suite of software and addons, is uptodate (manually forced0 and nothing was found wrong with my norton (norton tool/utility inspects the entire norton suite and reports errors0 not a single error.

The most valuable asset in this is the encrypted folder with logons/ids/pwds

I know that firefox offers similar options, but I am not fully convinced I want to stay with firefox, and the ability to utilise this now is imperitive to me.

Again thank you for the super help, Bob

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thanks, so according to norton the latest (& compatible with firefox 38) version of the toolbar you should have is 2014.7.12.14 - if you don't get that version even after running the norton live-update repeatedly then you'd probably need to contact their support again unfortunately :-/ (personally i don't use their software so i have no further experience with it in order to guide you through their update process)

one other thing you could try is to update to the norton 2015 product line which everyone with a running subscription is entitled to. maybe this can smooth out things: http://updatecenter.norton.com/

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Bob, What about the full names and versions of all the Norton Security related software that you are using.

(I did note that apparently the IDentity Safe Software is available as a standalone.)

This may not be up to date. I am just giving an example, but obviously there would seem to be quite a few possible combinations of Norton security related software about:

Norton Identity Safe Standalone [IDSS]: [2014.7.11.42] Norton Toolbar: 2014.7.12.14 Note: For Identity Safe Standalone, this patch requires a reboot. We recommend that you have the latest version of Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup or Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 installed. If you are not seeing the Norton Toolbar in Firefox 38, check and make sure you're running NS, NSwB, NIS, N360 Please visit our Norton Update Center to receive the latest update. {link)
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Hi Philipp, Just attaching the warning that comes up when I attempt to upgrade firefox, and show you my entire norton suite is current.

I spent a lot of time on this, and so have you. Between Norton and Firefox, there is a problem, and the upgrade notice shows it is a problem despite what the Norton community messages state.

Thanks again for all the nuron burning efforts, Bob

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Standalone wont work if you have full suite. I used to have the standalone ansd about 1 year ago they changed coding to require it to run integrated in the full suite. I am running Premier here is the data: I have taken the serial number out to prevent theft Version: Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX End Point ID: {726B56C5-782D-48BD-B309-CFACA882D653} LiveUpdate Channel: Traditional Current SKU: 21252150 Family SKU: 21228645 Media SKU: 21297746

This is the latests and greatest and I uploaded the norton window showing I am fully updated along with the firefox notice of non compatability. Did you see those?

I have to go....I just got back from hospital, had my chest popped open to operate on my spime, then next daay was turned over and a full removal of hardware and new hardware installed....I am beat and hurtin like crazy.

Again tha nk you for this help...and I am not alone, a google search will reveal many folks afflicted with this as well.

Have a great day and thank you, Bob

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Hi again Bob, Sorry to hear about your Health problems, that's hardly going to leave you in the mood for dealing with this. Like Philipp I am afraid I do not use the Norton Software, although I have in the past if its been a free offer or inherited software & prior to MS offering free AV.

I do recall playing around with Identity Safe, but never used it seriously because I did not ant to be reliant on identity Safe, and so hooked onto renewing Norton contracts.

I have seen your and Philip's posts so I think we can all agree the problem is that you have the wrong version of the Toolbar and so need to upgrade that.

IIRC when I did use Norton & MacAfee software I seem to think somethings only updated properly when using IE and not with Firefox. So rather a longshot but try setting IE as your default browser and using IE to check for updates. Easy and quick to do and can't do any harm. Maybe the issue is their updater not being compatible with Firefox.

Otherwise as Philipp said you need to contact Norton Support to figure out why they have failed to update your toolbar.

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