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asp pages with vbscript variables do not work properly

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I have an asp page (vbscript) which reads file names from a folder, parses the names to add them to a MS SQL database, renames / moves the files and then shows how many file have been processed. In Chrome it works. in Firefox most of the process works but the number of files always shows as zero.

I also have an other asp / vbscript page which imports a csv file into MS SQL, but almost invariably it doubles up on the number of records it imports. In Chrome it works every time.

Am I doing something wrong with variable handling?

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In order to better assist you with your issue please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How do I create a screenshot of my problem?

Once you've done this, attach the saved screenshot file to your forum post by clicking the Browse... button below the Post your reply box. This will help us to visualize the problem.

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It is not a visual problem.... it is how firefox handles data. I am quite happy to post code (but it points to databases which are non-accessible). Problem one.. asp page scans recursively through a series of directories on the server looking for files (placed there by users) For each file, it parses the name and file features, adds that to a record in a to a SQL database. Then it renames the file using a unique recid/date/time combination (already generated in the SQL database) and moves the file to a designated folder. The code works fine every time. When it gets to the end of the sweep, the page shows a date time remark ("last run at...") and the number of files it found (collected as a variable dimensioned and then set to RecordsProcessed=Cint(0) at the top of the page, then incremented as RecordsProcessed=RecordsProcessed + Cint(1) for each file it finds) The pages is set to refresh every 300 seconds (hmtl meta). The aim being for people to upload files as an when (from scan-to-disk and export from outlook) and the files to get automatically archived. On Chrome, Firefox 32.03 and IE11 the purpose of the process works fine. On Chrome and IE the "number of files" works. On Firefox it ALWAYS says zero. Problem two is slightly more problematic but uses similar code concepts. Differerent page, uploads csv files (useage report from our telecoms provider) to the server, reads the data line by line (2000-3000) into the SQL database. In Chrome it works first time every time. In Firefox, most of the time) it duplicates the recordset (imports twice as many records) so we then have to delete the 6000 records and do the import again. 2nd time around it works. Every time. When the second problem ASP page was written about 12 months ago, I only ever used Firefox (or Aurora), and it worked every time. It started going wrong around May (I think). I only found Chrome worked by accident. Any thoughts?

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For me this issue sounds more of a problem with your ASP script than a problem with Firefox itself... I'm not sure if I got correctly what you're trying to do, idk, is it possible that you use non-standardized APIs for the website? Or could it be something due to the possibility of the meta refresh firing while data is being transferred from the browser to the server?

Anyway if you believe there is a bug in Firefox you should report it on the bugtracker. Also, if it is a bug, it's probably some regression (as you say that it worked in an older version of Firefox). You could download an older version of Firefox or if you are used to the command line use the regression finder tool to interactively find the first version in which the problem started occuring.

Anyway, before you start digging too deep into it, I'd recommend you to first examine possible issues with your script. For issus with ASP scripts however I recommend asking your question(s) on programming specialized sites.

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It is a bug in firefox.. because it works 100% in at least two other browsers (and used to work in firefox). No API's are used. Meta refresh removed has no impact (and the process takes a second or two... the refresh is 120 seconds). The metarefresh only applies to one page (and two have the problem)

I will report it to firefox and try an older release to check as well..