Edit or delete a login in Firefox Lockwise on desktop

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Firefox Lockwise lets you access and manage your passwords quickly and securely. When you visit a web page and click on the login field, Firefox Lockwise will suggest your saved logins for that page.

Firefox Lockwise is built into Firefox version 70 and above, replacing the Password Manager. See Find what version of Firefox you are using.

Firefox 70 and above

  1. Click the Firefox Account icon in the toolbar.

    syncavatar logged out
  2. Click Logins and Passwords.
  3. Go to the login entry you want to edit or remove (use the search box or scroll through the list on the left).
    fx72 lockwise login entries
    • Click Edit to change your login information.
    • To remove the login information from Lockwise, click the Remove or Delete button, depending on your Firefox version (the "Delete" button was renamed "Remove" in Firefox 72).
    fx72 lockwise edit and delete

Note: Starting in Firefox version 76 on Mac and Windows, OS authentication may be required when accessing stored passwords using the Edit, Copy, or the Reveal button (represented by the "eye" icon). This is not your Firefox Account credentials; see Lockwise asks for authentication (password, voice, face or fingerprint) when accessing passwords for more information.

Firefox 69 and below

  1. Click the Firefox Lockwise icon.

    lockwise toolbar
  2. Click Open Lockwise.
  3. Go to the login entry you want to edit or delete (use the search box or scroll through the list on the left).
    logins results
  4. Click Edit to change your login information or Delete to remove it.
    edit logins lockwise

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