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Varun Kaushik (GeekInside)

Jaipur, IN


O uživateli Varun Kaushik

People hardly come here until and unless they're eager to know about you, so I'll keep it short and descriptive.

I don't stalk. I investigate. I belong from the technological world, playing with codes and scripts, designing the web in a creative way. In short, I've extra marital affairs with technology and digital world. Freelancer in part-time. There’s way too much blood in my beer system. An atheist until the airplane starts falling and I'm a legen-oh wait for it-dary person in my spare time. I'm a casual traveller and often go for road trips with my pals. Sometimes I click photos too!
Follow me if you like witty humor or else close this tab if you love Justin Bieber. 
Follow me: @varunkaushik07

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