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Unable to load and various others with login pages similar

So sites that have a similar login to (similar meaning it seems like the same code for the form/format of login details) all fail to login for me. The site will accept credentials and submit them, but then the page reloads as if there was no cookie created and the page returns me to the same login screen as if I visited the page for the first time. Running burp on it I can see the credentials are submitted, but for some reason the site just acts as though it hasn't saved or created the cookie for me to be redirected to the next page. I have tried: - Firefox in safe mode - Fresh install - ALL recommendations here: (deleting potentially corrupt cookies, disabling addons, clearing history, etc.) The weirder part of this is that it seems like a cookie issue, but I have all cookies set to be deleted once I close the browser - so I feel like a corrupted cookie is probably not the case. My settings are: - Use recommended performance settings - Trackers blocked (only in private, and I have toggled this on/off to test) - Not blocking 3rd party cookies (tried toggling on/off) - Do not track only when firefox is set to block trackers (tried toggling on/off) - Accept cookies and site data (there are no exceptions/data here when I start up firefox as history and cookies are set to be removed when I close firefox) - Under history: Remember browsing/search/clear history when firefox closes are all selected - Block dangerous/deceptive content is not checked - Ask me every time a site asks for my certificate is checked (tried toggling on/off) - Query OSCP responder servers... is checked I run Firefox with very minimal addons, but this problem happens on all my devices under the same account that aren't mobile which includes W10, MacOs Mojave, and Debian. Right now I'm forced to use Chrome/Edge for these sites and it's incredibly frustrating as I don't want to use multiple browsers for something as basic as logging into my bank's website.

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