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How to not have pop up message to remember password for every Flipping site show up, but still remember passwords for the site i'd like

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"remember password?" Pop up is irritating, comes up all the time with every site i login for. How do i turn it off without having it also deactivate remembering passwords for sites i have Firefox remember passwords for? Whats Up Firefox?!

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If you turn off remembering passwords Firefox will not forget the ones you have entered already.

You may also be interested in a solution using an add-on to quickly change preferences see thread How to reduce prompting for "Master password" /questions/918947#answer-310347

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Thanks for your reply, but, well if i turn the feature off so that the ridiculous popup stops coming, it also prevents saved passwords to fav sites showing up when trying to login. Yes i know that Firefox wont forget saved ones, but in order for saved ones to work, I'll have to activate "remember passwords for sites", which unfortunately also brings back that ever-so visually annoying pop up. I'm aware of other methods of which i would not like to practice because i need to remember the different passwords to some sites and need to change passwords for other sties every so often, I just need to know if there is a script out there that i could plugin to just specifically prevent that pop up from ruining the firefox experience.

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The method mentioned in the linked thread will allow you to for instance set a hotkey on the keyboard to turn passwords on and off.

If there were to be a script to block display of the message how would that help?

The message is a dialogue asking if you want to remember the password or not.

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Blocking the message would simply help visually. It's just annoying how it's popping up all the time when i know i don't want it to remember the login info for whatever site it is i just logged in for. But deactivating it means i wont be able to automatically login to other site with saved login info. Though John99, Thanks heaps for your help. I really appreciate it. I assume that i could just live with it. I guess i was just blowing off some steam yesterday. Thank you once again.