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I have successfully installed my seo toolbar but it will not display my Add Ons bar with anything in it. I have restarted and downloaded the tools a few times "successfully" but can't see the add on toolbar on my actual browser in order to use them.

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When I ask Firefox to show my Add-Ons toolbar it adds a space to the bottom of the browser with nothing in it. When I go to tool and click Add-Ons it takes me to a tab where it tells me to find Add-Ons but it does not show me the ones that were supposedly successfuly downloaded. I have consulted the Add-On sites but since it is happening to every Add-On I try to use I think it is Firefox.

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If the add-on has its own bar, then try

View > Toolbars

to turn it on.

If the add-on is supposed to integrate into an existing Firefox toolbar, such as the Add-on bar, but it isn't there, its button(s) could be on the button palette. If you choose

View > Toolbars > Customize

the button palette will display and you can drag buttons you want to bars where you want them.

Any luck?

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Yeah I actually did all of that stuff. Basically it says it installs the SEO add ons and then tells me to restart and they will be there but they are nowhere to be found. Not under View > Toolbars and not under Tools. The Add On tolbar appears at the bottom with no add ons. I have tried like 10 things and none of them show up after they have been installed. I even updated Firefox and reinstalled it. It really scks since I especially use Rank Checker a great deal for work. Any other ideas?

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On the Rank Checker Firefox page (, it recommends using an add-on to restore the status bar:

"Did you lose your Firefox browserstatus bar in an upgrade to Firefox 4?

"Install Status 4 Evar to get it back."

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Just tried that Add on and the same exact thing happened with that one downloaded and installed successfully but nowhere to be found on my Firefox after restart.

Huh so confusing,

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"Status 4 Evar" should let you display the "old" status bar. Does Status Bar now appear under

View > Toolbars

If not, is the add-on enabled under

Tools > Add-ons > Extensions

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Under view > toolbars the Add Ons is checked. Under Tool there is an option for AddOns and when I click it it opens a tab with a bunch of info. It does not show any of the extensions or add ons I have added today. I just don't understand since when I had Firefox 3.x.x it worked fine and I could view my whole SEO toolbar any time. Now with 4 it shows nothing.

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When you display the Add-ons page, there should be several categories on the left. Try "Extensions" to see the Status 4 Evar add-on, and perhaps the others.

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Yeah already did that a few times, the extensions it shows are not ones I added to Firefox and the ones I have added are not listed. It seems like some of them carried over from the last version I had so maybe I added them a long time ago, but my SEO ad ons are not there and no matter how many times I add them they don't show up on that list of extensions.

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Sorry, I'm baffled. If you install an add-on, and let Firefox restart, and the add-on is not there, that could indicate a problem with your Firefox profile. You might want to try creating a new profile, import your bookmarks, and install the add-ons again.

First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See Backing up your information. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)

You can create a new (blank) profile using the Profile Manager: Managing profiles.

To move key settings like bookmarks from your current profile to the new profile, see: Recovering important data from an old profile.

Hope this helps.