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browser cache : back to IE 6.0 style : severe browser cache bug

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I started using FF with version 1.x a long, long time ago. The reason for this was that at that time we only had Internet Explorer 6 and that crapy browser kept caching pages for ever. This made me crazy because when you develop websites you want to see how these changes look like. Pressing F5 didn't always create a page refresh in IE6.0 so you didn't see your modifcations. Firefox was always my favorite browser because with F5 (and later CTRL-F5) it always reloaded the full page 100%, so every change of code was directly visible in the browser.

But..... since the latest version FF 45.0.1 we seem to be back at square 1 with Firefox. It behaves just like the old IE6.0 and it has cost me several hours to discover this. For some reason it breaks on websites/webpages that are gone. I can press F5 or CTRL-F5 for ever, it will never, never tell me that the webserver or webpage is gone!! At thi smoment i have to check every webpage in Chrome, edge or IE to find out if the page or webserver is still running. I will get a 404 page in every browser except Firefox. Firefox just shows me the latest page it successfully loaded a long time ago.

Only clearing the complete cache including all cookies makes firefox to go for a full reload.

In my opinion this is a severe bug and it might create severe security issues.