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You thinking ought to be a feature in Firefox I have a lot I need to.

Menu> Options> Advanced> General

tab under the

"Warn me when sites pages, or want to refresh redirect"

There is the choice. However, when this option was activated, ALL sites is forwarding / refreshing. Or when passive, ALL sites doing invalidate blocking the clipboard.

However, especially in renewing automatically on page 2-3 minutes especially news content sites on the required could, to activate it, banking, web services, forums and perpendicular to payment the said sites on this can be activated to heat harmful. Because the site if the transaction did boyle If you forget this feature is active and active, if the information you enter it until you can not move to the next page.

I can not tell which properties need to be further developed as results. Site blocking the activity of some / passivity should be. Users of such a "black list" - "white list" should be given the option.

If a plug-in that enables it if I could not find it. This feature should be a part of the Firefox menu.


Hasan K.

(I'm Sorry for Google Translate mistakes)