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How to delete sync settings on other computers?

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I log in to sync on public computer and get all my bookmarks, pass etc from my personal computer that I use with sync. But now all my data left on public comp even i loged out and this is very big problem.

How to remove all my data from that public computer, I dont want to any of my private data left on that device.

Why mozzila sync is not configured on the way that after I log out from sync, all my data dissapeare?

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after some research I think the easiest way is to: 1. just disconnect sync from the public compter: Preferences --> Sync --> Disconnect (IMPORTANT) 2. then clear the browsing history: click at the taskbar on history --> clear recent history 3. and then delete the bookmarks: again taskbar --> show all bookmars --> delete every single one

that`s it. when you don`t disconnect sync first, all data will be away so do that at the beginning.

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Thanks for respond, but does this process cleare my paswords, too?

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You sync'd your Passwords to a device that you don't own or control? And one that is available to the "public"? Tell us you're joking.

To delete your Passwords do this: Tools > Options -> Security --> Passwords => Saved Password = use the Remove All button. Then restart Firefox.

And you may want to change all your Passwords, too.

"Why mozzila sync is not configured on the way that after I log out from sync, all my data dissapeare?"

What lead you to believe that Sync would work in that manner? That would be counter to the purpose of the Sync service.

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Thats because I thought that when I log out from sync all my private data vanish from any device, but obviously I was wrong.