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If you turn it to "always," will you lose anything on your computer, or prevent anything from happening (except the tracking)?

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I do not want to be tracked. If I choose the "always" option (so I won't be tracked), will I lose information:

- will I lose access to any sites I got to, - will I lose any information stored like on Amazon, ie the stuff in the 'saved for later' part.

What are the changes that will happen if I have the no tracking always on, compared to having the tracking off?

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Hi, yes and no. Some sites will bring up popups telling you to Whitelist them or that you are using a adblocker or another one is Terms of Service.

Since you can always uncheck it, you are fine. Or you can get a Extension to put a Icon up top so can toggle it on and off

As to tracking the will still do it regardless just another cookie that will sneak through, it is a war.. They still have not made as SpybotSearchandDestroy for mac yet so the Extension here may work well for you to try also :

Also Ublock Origin and Ghostery are good adblockers and can run both as the work differently but will muck up sites if block to much.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Thank you for answering!

I have a couple more questions after reading your answer.

In your opinion, would you keep the tracking feature turned always on, or not? And why. From what you wrote, having the tracking feature always on sounded like it was something that was more of a pain than not having it on.

If I have tracking always turned on, what changes will happen to my computer, if any ? (Other than the not being tracked)

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Hi, You might have had it internally done on a phone you use already or will be done :

No changes happen to your computer at all other than switching the feature on and subtle things as described in this :

I run with it on at this time, but also with uBlock and Ghostery and yes I break sites but can always find what I am after somewhere else or just toggle them off for the site I have to have. Or make a Block List rule in Exceptions. All I am used to doing in other things like Firewalls. So ya it may take a minute but long run is worth it.

Oh ya. since doing settings and blocklists always and just because :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Thank you ... I just bookmarked those links after reading them for future use if needed.

I have just one more question:

-I have a MAC, but have an Android phone. BUT, my firefox account on my computer is synced on my firefox account on my phone.

Would my phone be affected?

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Hi, no your phone will not be affected.

Please select the answer that solves the problem*. This will help other users with similar problems find the solution more easily. Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support.

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Is your question about the do-not-track feature or about Tracking Protection?

Do you mean with 'always' using Tracking Protection in both regular and Private Browsing mode?

You see the shield icon at the left end of the location/address bar in case content is blocked by Tracking Protection.

  • click the shield icon for more detail
  • check the Web Console to see what content this is about
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Hi ... I don't want to be tracked, and thought tracking protection helps fix this.

Here is the link I was referring to with "always" on it (not sure how to use the link icon but I think it is right):

about:preferences#privacy = the URL to type into your browser

(I highly doubt you'll do this but I need to say it anyway ... this link is to my actual preference page, so please don't change anything or whatever else ... I just had to make sure ... some people out there can be jerks).

I was talking about tracking protection overall, not the private browsing mode (I thought that didn't track anyway?)

Modified by cor-el

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Firefox Volunteers nor anyone at Mozilla can access your computer at any time. This URL about:preferences#privacy is generic for everyone and just a shortcut instead of giving a lengthy instruction of go to the 3Bar Menu then.... ......

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If you do not want to be tracked at all then you should look into getting a VPN and using Tor

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Private Browsing mode doesn't have anything to do with tracking. PB mode only means that no session data is stored in the profile folder on the hard drive. Everything else including cookies is working the same way, only local storage doesn't work and some websites may complain about this.

Tracking Protection uses a special block list to block content coming from specific servers. This can break website that store their files on servers that are blocked. When you have TP enabled or use extensions that block content then you should keep in mind that wanted (essential) content might be blocked. When TP enabled there is a the shield icon present in the location/address bar to notify you.

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Thank you for all who answered my questions!