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Can't get the "Complete action using" choice back

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When using Firefox mobile it used to ask "Complete action using" and then give a choice of Firefox or Google Play when I tried to open certain files. When one made the choice it would also give the choice of "just once" or "always". I accidentally opted for "always" the last time now it does it automatically whether I want to or not. I have tried to reset by clearing the apps defaults, by resetting all apps preferences from within android apps settings and by clearing Firefox's privacy settings. Still no joy, I have even reinstalled the Firefox app but even though I uninstalled first these settings seem to have been retained in android somewhere. Does anyone know how I can delete the file type associations so that I get the original choice again?

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Hi, Unfortunately at the moment, there is not an option to reset Firefox for Android, however to reset the dialogue, if there not alot of bookmarks, phillip has a nice answer to this from a previous question: [questions/975510]

First! Back up the user profile date by creating a Sync account, then adding the sync account once more it has been reinstalled. Another user suggested in the past this add-on to manually copy the profile. It is available for the Android and it is called [Copy Profile]

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply but the link to Phillips article is not working! Can you suppply the correct link so I can see in more detail what you mean? As I am currently not quite sure, thanks.

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Sounds like Rachel had a hiccup giving you the answer; here's the link:

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I tried clearing the data and the cache as well but to no avail. I have decided to uninstall Firefox and use Dolphin instead. It had another problem as well. I like to have MSN as my homepage and it would not update i.e. it kept displaying the MSN homepage from the date that I first installed Firefox no matter what I did. So am trying Dolphin and first impressions are good. Shame because I use Firefox on my desktop and liked the ability to Sync the two.