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Unable to completely disable auto-fill suggestions in search bar.

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Entering a simple "e" in the search/adress bar still suggests, "r" suggests and so on, this is highly annoying seeing as I only want it to suggest things out of my history, not suggest new items.


Clearing all data browser.urlbar.autoFill false browser.formfill.enable false signon.autofillForms false

Firefox latest (non beta), Android 4.2.2, HTC One X.

At loss what to do at this point, if I can't get it fixed I'm switching firefox for chrome in a heartbeat because I keep losing so much time typing in extra information or deleting auto-fills information.

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To clarify: I've never visited or searched for either ebay or (Don't even speak Russian for that matter), while I suspect I've overlooked something obvious (Maybe it's google search? But surely I would be able to disable that auto-suggestion/filling somewhere?)

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Or maybe the behaviour I'm looking for is for my search bar to always suggest sites from my history at top when I click it from the firefox home window or anywhere else, like it does for example in Google Chrome for Android?

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Menu -> Settings -> Customize -> Search Settings -> "Show search suggestions".

Disable that and you will not see any more search suggestions from Google.

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Bonjour, J'ai essayé et cela ne fonctionne pas, Firefox CO tenue toujours de compléter l'adresse URL. Merci.