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how can i get to advanced setting to configure tls setting in firefox for android?

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  • 9 ima ovaj problem
  • Posljednji odgovor poslao hagi_mostafa

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There is no dashboard for advanced setting in firefox, i use version 20 and the option menu is very simple and ofcourse useful, i also couldn't find any compatible and relative add-on, now what should i do ? i cant open a site using tls encryption.

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Firefox allows access to many settings using the about:config page. It's a little different on Android than on desktop versions of Firefox.

In the Awesomebar, type or paste about:config and tap the Go arrow. I suggest bookmarking this page for future ease of access.

Type tls into the search box and tap the Enter key to find all preferences that contain tls.

Under security.enable_tls tap the Toggle button to switch its value to true if it's currently false.

Does that work?

Note that the preference names/values are changing in Firefox 23 to:


This allows you to allow specific level of TLS (higher levels are stronger encryption). According to a comment in the code:

// 0 means SSL 3.0, 1 means TLS 1.0, 2 means TLS 1.1, etc.

As we get closer to Firefox 23, I'm sure there will be more discussion about this.

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Greats! i used your other replies somewhere else ofcours i'm still strugg ing to open fb with https it's Iran and we have fb filtered.

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dear jscher2000

as i mentioned earlier i solved the problem in FF pc, but me and golnamak both have these issue in FF mobile

these commands aren't in mobile version. security.tls.version.min security.tls.version.max

does creating them help?

any other solutions? thanks golnamak fadat beshe ishala :)

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Hi hagi_mostafa, what version do you have on Android? The min/max settings are coming in Firefox 23. They are not in the released version.

I don't think you will have to create them on Firefox 23, but it has been a while since I reviewed the documentation so I'm not 100% certain.

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firefox android version 21

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On Firefox 21 I think you only have the old preferences to work with.

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they don't help, i even tried installing 23 auorora but changing its settings doesn't work, too

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Hi hagi_mostafa, what are you trying to accomplish?

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i'm trygin to get access to facebook using a https proxy using ff built in proxy settings, type 1

network.proxy.http: us3-https..... network.proxy.http_port: 443 network.proxy.type: 1 security.enable_tls: false

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salam mostafa jan belakhare man natoonestam ba goftehaye shoma va golnamak facebook ba firefox 23 bazesh konam rahi dare baraye baz kardan??? manooon

hi jscher2000 I can not into Facebook with Firefox 23--- Firefox 23 encryption because no--- site Facebook is blocked in Iran--- We use software ProxiFier--- I can not open HTTPS in iran---

For Example:




Izmjenjeno od strane bia2love

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Hi bia2love, I don't have any new information on this. In order to change the versions of SSL/TLS that run on Firefox 23, see this earlier reply:

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bia2love ببین ما هرچه داشتیم در طبق اخلاص گذاشتیم، طبق تصویر با فایرفاکس 24 نسخه 64بیت با پراکسیفایر و تنظیماتی که تو عکس میبینی وصلیم به فیس بوک ولی برای موبایل با 23 24 فایرفایکس و ارورا هیچ نسخه ای کلا موفق نشدم، اونجا هیچی جواب نمیده based on settings on the image we can access and open facebook in firefox v23 v24 without tls setting using about:config and proxifier https proxy remember that still there's no solution for firefox mobile

Izmjenjeno od strane hagi_mostafa

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ممنون از عکسی که گذاشتید قبل اینکه مطلبتو بخونم مین و ماکس رو 0 گذاشتم درست شد اما متوجه نشدم چرا رو

ask me every time گذاشتید؟

درمورد آندروید هم یه آموزش دارم برای کروم هست اما دوستان گفتن رو فایرفاکس هم جواب میده اما نمیدونم چه ورژنی---- شاید خودتون بلد باشید اما آموزشو میزارم شاید بدردت خورد آموزش ست کردن ساکس رو آندروید هست

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it works in firefox and aurora if you set 0 for both security.tls.version.min security.tls.version.max but https proxy confilcts with lots of other apps like bazaar myket , mail and torrents ... i'm searching for a better proxifing app in android