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How do I get rid of the Firefox Start Page?

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I am trying to use Firefox for Android.

How do I get rid of the Firefox Start Page, and set the default start page to Google? My wife doesn't understand the Firefox Start Page (l also think it's terrible, not to mention noisy)

I can easily set my desired default start page for every other browser on the planet. I haven't figured out how to do it yet with Firefox for Android.

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Hi Azjazz,

Firefox for Android no longer has this feature, because you can easily access your most used sites right from the home page :)

Read more about that here Get started with Firefox for Android and Customize the Firefox home screen.



Izmjenjeno od strane Swarnava Sengupta

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1) I hate the incorrectly named "Awesome Screen", which adds one more unnecessary layer on top of what I want want to accomplish when using my browser. Did your team stop to think that maybe 99% of the time that I just want to go to Google or Bing, and this adds one more unnecessary screen press to the process? Or, maybe I don't want any of my previous screens displayed when starting up my browser as a privacy concern? This is an excellent example of where a development team determines what they think is best for the consumer, and removing key functionality in the process. If Mozilla wants to offer an "Awesome Screen", then fine. JUST GIVE ME A WAY TO DISABLE IT, INSTEAD OF RAMMING YOUR SUPPOSEDLY GREAT FEATURE DOWN MY THROAT.

2) My wife uses Firefox on her PC. She is not tech-savvy at all (in fact, she is quite a techno-phobe, and is easily confused by some technology). She doesn't understand the Awesome Screen at all, and was constantly asking me why she can't just go to Google and how I can disable it. I tried replacing her browser on her desktop with a direct Firefox shortcut to Google, but that isn't working well for her, either. When I last checked her phone, she had 27 open browser windows because of this method. So, I had to uninstall Firefox, and went back to the stock browser. This shouldn't have been necessary, but I understand her frustration. Firefox for Android isn't as easy or straightforward to use as Firefox for PCs. Don't you think that is odd? I certainly do.

I know that I am not the only user to request disabling this "feature". I have found other postings on the Web requesting the capability to remove the "Awesome Screen".

Please give me my browser back.



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This feature has gone unsupported in Firefox for Android. Just like reboot-free "always use Private Browsing Mode" and Private Browsing support for the Firefox OS Simulator extension on Firefox for Desktop.

But we get a ton of new features that are very helpful to developers and users alike.

You can search from the Android FX's Awesome Screen at the top of the page.

It is rather sad that Mozilla decided to chop the homepage feature, though...

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I totally agree with the above sentiments. Firefox for android has too many confusing screens. I want simple access to my own home screen and my bookmarks in a way that is as similar to the desktop version as possible. I don't want "top sites" or "start pages""awesome bars" or anything like that slowing me down.

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Mozilla could justify eliminating the custom home page option for Android if the "Awesome" page somehow made Firefox work better with Android---for example if it made using smaller screens easier. This is not the case however. There is nothing about Android that justifies this change. I certainly do not see Mozilla advocating the change for WIndows or iOS. I see this as a remnant of the need by developers to gain control over users "on ramp" to the internet. Over the years developers have tried to lock users into their "Portals", their Proprietary Home Pages, or the use of their app for accessing the web. The developer then used their control over the internet entry point as leverage to promote their self interest. FIREFOX FOR ANDROID SHOULD BE THE SAME AS IT IS FOR OTHER PLATFORMS UNLESS SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT ANDROID MAKES A CHANGE MORE USEFUL. Users spend an inordinate amount of time learning new software, and where possible developers should help users by providing consistency, not arbitrary changes. Just imagine the collective time wasted by Firefox users looking for a means of changing their home pages. And the time wasted discussing the "Awesome" page.

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This "Awesome Screen" NEEDS TO ****'ING GO!!! I don't understand the purpose of it. All it does is slow me down. Do you guys really hate Google this much now? To the point where you have to resort to ****blocking everyone who just wants to quickly, and with the least amount of effort, and pain getting to the Google Home Page?

I mean WTF I guess I really should just update to Jelly Bean ROM (wish I could though!), and then use the Stock Browser there. I'd settle for Dolphin, but it still hates Animated Gifs! Again I have no clue as to why this should be? Or I'd be using that. Really the only thing that makes Firefox on Android a ****y experience is that F'n "Awesome Screen"!

Remove that and, this would be hands down the best Browser on Android!

Izmjenjeno od strane Ichijoe2112

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You guys have flops on eyes... Do you know that the user means the most? Indeed... the best option is uninstall this crap and switch to another... but still I cannot actept yhis stupid "We are awesome!" "We know better!" "Oh! Ah! What a brilliant browser we created!" Tell you... this is all shit. The Awesome page is the useless annoying thing... who is responsible??!!! I want to know the name and talk with a star of development with huge ego!