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Somethings wrong with my account

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i just reset my pc with ubuntu 20.04 , before reset its all working good means all bookmarks and other things , but after reset and format , when i logged in with my firefox account for bookmarks and logins , well i just see that not a one bookmarks or passwords i can see .

i tried to reinstall the browser, logged out and login, clear data of app etc options but i can not sync the data of mine (bookmarks and passwords).

i just frustrated here , because i think the browser is safe and good also secure, but after this , if i don't get any help to recover my data , i will lost my faith in mozila at all.

so kindly help !

Thank you !

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Hi Sushil, Could you login into firefox account?? If not try to login and check for the errors Type "about:sync-log" in URL

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