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Constant Add Security Exception prompt won't go away

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For the last two days, whenever Thunderbird is open, which is all day on this computer, every 10-15 minutes I get the Add Security Exception prompt. Every time it comes up I click to add the exception, but 10 minutes later I am prompted again. After a couple hours there will be several of these prompts I will need to close. I tried manually add the exception in the Options section, but that did not work either. I have read as much as I can on this issue but a lot of the explanations are over my head as I am merely a computer layman. This is a POP email I am dealing with here, but I am honestly not sure what that means. Any advice would be great as otherwise this is effecting my productivity to the point I will have to explore other email client options. I've been a dedicated Mozilla user for many years, thanks so much for any assistance!

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Here is the Security Exception popup, the general info and detail page. I exported the detail page but don't see a means to upload the file here.

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christ1 I will email you the crt file if you want it. Just message me where

to send it.
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Your problem is different, please raise a new thread and post your details there.

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Ever since trying those other server settings that didn't work, and then switching back, I am not getting the errors anymore. Problem appears to be solved, thank you very much.

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