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Why are there suddenly two icons in my URL (Google Manage Requests and Facebook Manage Requests) that I cannot control?

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Hi Mozilla ~

In the URL field of Firefox, there are two icons on the far right, just left of the pull-down arrow and refresh arrow. They appear to be for Google and Facebook, both with tooltips that say, "View and Manage Requests". The pull-down menu allows me to manage those Friend requests they link to, but "Move to Menu" and "Remove from Toolbar" are greyed out and not actionable.

Q1 - How did they get there? Q2 - How can I stop them from being placed automatically in the future by these privacy-muggers? Q3 - What are they doing in the URL field? Q4 - If the right-click context/pull-down menu has greyed out the option of "Remove from Toolbar", how can I delete them?

FWIW, I have accounts with Google and Facebook but trust neither and so have blocked them in every way possible from watching me, sending me notifications, doing anything "for" me, etc. My Add-Ons may be visible in my account, but generally they are related to organizing: "Group Tabs", "Bookmarks" or to my customized work process: "Send to Kindle", "HTTPS Everywhere" and "Disconnect Privacy". I hope that helps.

In an online world of sharks and blood-suckers, I trust Mozilla to help me be safe. Thank you for helping me figure out what Google and Facebook are going in my URL field.

I prepared a JPG to show what it looks like but there is no upload image function in this screen... and I cannot seem to drag-and-drop the file into this form field. Please advise.

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Oops, our posts crossed and I didn't see your screen shot. Yes, those are the icons of the two extensions:

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I noticed you have these extensions related to Google and Facebook:

  • Disconnect Privacy Icons 1.0.21
  • Facebook Disconnect 2.1.3
  • Google Disconnect 2.4.2

If you do not want them, or to manage their options, you can use the Add-ons page to disable and possibly remove or configure them. Either:

  • Command+Shift+a
  • "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons

Then in the left column, click Extensions.

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Hi - Thanks for responding.

I've opened the Add-ons dialog and can confirm that I have both installed and enabled. I want them to stay this way, since I do not want either of them intruding on my privacy.

That their icons have very recently (I only noticed them today) appeared in my URL field, and that they are seeking to push notifications of friend requests to me from that location, does not seem related to my use of the add-on that prevents them from tracking what websites I go to, which is what those two Disconnect add-ons seek to provide.

Further insight and advice appreciated. I see there is a way to add an image to my concern, so here goes.

Thanks again Alison

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According to the company's FAQ, the Disconnect extension replaces the function of the earlier separate Facebook Disconnect and Google Disconnect extensions. It also has a new style of toolbar button. So I think that might work better for you.

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Oops, our posts crossed and I didn't see your screen shot. Yes, those are the icons of the two extensions:

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Hi -

Thank you for your persistent helpfulness :)

I went ahead and uninstalled the Facebook and Google Disconnect Add-ons, re-started Firefox and went to a few URLS that I remembered had shown those icons in the URL field.

Lo and behold... they're gone!

So, thank you! It's quite inexplicable how a notifier for managing requests would be related to a browsing tracking blocker, but okay, that's technology for you. :)

Thanks again Alison