I want to organize an event, how do I get started?

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Events bring new webmakers to life, form community, and add a party atmosphere to the digital world.

Start by checking out our teaching kits at webmaker.org/teach and decide the kind of lessons you want to teach. Remember, you can remix them so they are more fitting to your learning situation.

Our event platform let’s you feature a public event on our map. These event guides give you materials and planning tips for events of different sizes

Try remixing this hackable agenda in Thimble

Don't forget to add your event to the world map!

You can host a Maker party at your favorite library, museum, city hall, hacker space, coffee shop, bedroom, corner ally, or anywhere that has decent wifi.

We'd love to see what you made and share across networks!

Send out makes through twitter using the #makerparty hashtag, or on our community email list

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