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Mozilla Support (SUMO)

Mozilla Support (SUpport.MOzilla.org) is a global gathering of many enthusiastic and dedicated people whose passion is to help all users of Mozilla's software and products. SUMO operates on the same principle that Mozilla does: a core of staff coordinating the operations and an army of contributors powering them.

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  • Patrick McClard, Global Support Manager (IRC: pmcclard / email: pmcclard@mozilla.com)
    Ask me about:
  • Anything SUMO related. If I don’t know the answer I can point you in the direction of the person that does.
  • Anything related to the SUMO platform

  • Joni Savage, Content Manager (IRC: jsavage / email: jsavage@mozilla.com)
    Ask me about:
  • Anything related to content (writing or changing articles, search, redirects and appearance)
  • Getting permissions as an article reviewer

  • Roland Tanglao, SUMO Analyst, I technically review SUMO KB articles and analyze user feedback for all Firefox products; mainly Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android; I used to be primarily focused on mobile hence my old job was:Firefox for Android and iOS Support Lead (IRC: rolandtanglao / email: rtanglao@mozilla.com)
    Ask me about:
  • Anything user support related for all Firefox products including Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, etc

Interim Community Managers

  • Ruben Martin, Community Manager (IRC: Nukeador / email: nukeador@mozilla.com )
    Ask me about:
  • SUMO Localization
  • Konstantina Papadea, Community Manager (IRC: couci / email: kpapadea@mozilla.com)
    Ask me about:
  • Forums and the Social program
  • Rizki Kelimutu, Community Manager (IRC: kiki / email: rkelimutu@mozilla.com)
    Ask me about:
  • Forums and the Social program

SUMO Community

SUMO Community members are the global army of contributors behind SUMO's international presence and success. We rock the helpful web!

SUMO Localizers are members of the community who make SUMO available in many languages used around the world. We bring meaning to everyone!

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