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এই প্রবন্ধটি অনুবাদ করতে কেউ এখনও সাহায্য করেনি। যদি আপনি ইতিমধ্যে জেনে থাকেন যে SUMO-র জন্য লোকালাইজেশন কিভাবে কাজ করে, এখনই অনুবাদ করতে শুরু করুন। যদি আপনি জানতে চান যে কিভাবে SUMO-র জন্য প্রবন্ধ অনুবাদ করতে হয়, অনুগ্রহ করে এখানে শুরু করুন

When you open the default Firefox Home page or a new tab in Firefox, you will see brief content on the page (either at the bottom or under the search bar on the New Tab page). This is a snippet! It will typically show you different content each time it appears. Enjoy!

When you open the default Firefox Home page or a new tab in Firefox, you will see brief content at the bottom of the New Tab page. This is a snippet! It will typically show you different content each time it appears. Enjoy!


What is a snippet? Why am I seeing a snippet on my New Tab page?

Snippets are a part of the Firefox browser. Snippets offer short and sweet, snack-sized tips so that you can get the most out of Firefox. You may also see updates about Firefox products, Mozilla’s mission and advocacy, Internet health news, and more. Snippets make it easy to learn more about our mission for a better Internet and to keep up with the latest Firefox and Mozilla updates.

How do snippets get delivered?

The content delivered in a snippet is based on your latest Firefox installation, which contains details about the browser's build, locale, operating system that it’s installed on, and Firefox type (such as Nightly, Developer Edition, Beta or regular). It is not based on your behavior or personal details.

If you’d like to know more, here are the specifics:

  • Firefox regularly fetches a collection of snippets from our servers. The collection is tailored to the technical parameters of your copy of Firefox, including locale, distribution channel, build, and platform.
  • When you open a new tab, your Firefox browser selects a snippet from the collection based on your country, browser settings, installed add-ons, activity, and other parameters. The selection happens locally in your copy of Firefox.
  • If you disable snippets, then Firefox will not fetch snippets from our servers and you will not see a snippet unless you update your browser settings to display snippets.

What information is collected, and what control do I have over what’s shared?

The Firefox Privacy Notice explains the data that Mozilla receives from Firefox, including default technical and interaction data that we use to improve performance, set your default search provider, and display snippets on your new tab. We collect information about how many times the snippets appear and whether or not you interact with them. However, this information is not associated with any of the other technical and interaction information about you or your copy of Firefox. Learn more about the data we collect.

I don’t like a specific snippet. What should I do?

If you don’t like a snippet that was delivered by Firefox, you can dismiss it when you hover over the right side of the snippet and click the X that appears. This prevents that specific snippet from displaying again. If you want to opt out or hide all snippets, then you will need to update your browser preferences. To hide all snippets, see the next section.

Deleting Snippets

How do I hide all snippets?

If you prefer to not see snippets, you can hide them. Here’s how:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right of your New Tab page.
    New Tab Preferences gear icon
  2. Deselect the Snippets checkbox.
    Snippets Checkbox

For more information about choosing what content is displayed on the New Tab page, see the article Hide or display content in New Tab.

I’ve noticed snippets with new content. What’s happening?

We regularly curate updates about Mozilla’s products, mission and advocacy, Internet health news, and more.

Are snippets from Firefox available in my country?

Snippets are available for users all over the world, but certain countries will have more content available.

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