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How do I search for one of my bookmarks only within a SUBFOLDER of all of my bookmarks?


It seems like Firefox only allows you to search for a specific bookmark by searching ALL of your bookmarks and not just limiting a search to a specific sub-folder of bookmarks. I've put a lot of time into bookmarking thousands of sites and i don't want 25 hits on a search result, just the one in the subfolder where I know the specific bookmark is that i'm looking for.

Is it possible to do this? Amy i missing something?


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Thanks jpkgo(If that's your real name :) ),

Currently this functionality is not available(i have cross checked it on FF23), We have forwarded your suggestion to our User Experience Team. Will update you about it soon.


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Helpful Reply

While you wait for a change to the code of Firefox itself...

You might want to try the Show Parent Folder extension. It will show the folder name of the bookmark in a column in your search results. I'm assuming you can group by the folder by clicking the column heading, but I haven't tested it.

If you use the same name in different parts of the hierarchy (e.g., 2013, or Old), the extension's Options dialog allows you to show the full hierarchy.

Does that help?