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What does one do with downloaded add on .xpi files?

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Windows 8 OS

Downloaded some add-ons--they were downloaded as .xpi files to my DL folder..

'DoNotTrackMe', 'NoScript, 'EasyUTubeVideoDownloader', 'Greasemonkey' and 'FoxyProxy'.. Should they be automatically recognized by Firefox (they're not)?

As far as I can tell, DoNotTrackMe and EasyUTubeVideoDownloader are available.. Should I assume FoxyProxy is running in the background upon opening Firefox? How about NoScript? Same thing?

But GreaseMonkey--shouldn't I have a new menu for that within Firefox?

Thanks for any help.

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Lastly-I forgot-TheUTubeDownloader--it is not working either-it is in my add-ons, and enabled, but is unavailable to record while at youtube videos..there's no menu to download..

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It is usually best to use the install button on the home page to install an extension.

You can install extensions that you have saved locally by dragging the xpi file in a Firefox window or use File > Open File or Firefox > New Tab > Open File.

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If you only saved those .xpi files to disk then they are not installed in Firefox.

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Thanks..I figured much of these things out with further poking around shortly after I asked.. Thanks for the help.