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in Firefox 3 the page getting reloaded again and again, but that doesn't happen in upgraded versions

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Working on an weblogic 10.3.2 application, page getting reloaded again and again by going into infinite loop.

Working on an weblogic 10.3.2 application, page getting reloaded again and again by going into infinite loop.

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Check your file type actions under content (and possibly OS file associations) iirc one cause of infinite loops was file types opening a Firefox itself or another tab/window instead of a firefox plugin. Another potential causes of multiple instances is malware.

Is http://stage.support.netapp.com. that you quoted a public website ? and have you got a correct link for it ?

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Hi John, Thanks for the quick reply. the url is http://stagesupport.netapp.com please check. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Ravi,
I have no problems I have opened it with firefox 3.6.22 & 8.0a2
so the problem seems likely to be with your setup of firefox 3.6.

The site you have a problem with seems relatively simple, it contains text and fairly standard .gif & .jpg images. Not the sort of site prone to giving problems.

First of all it is always worth clearing your cache and cookies.

Then if the above did not help Try using Firefox's safe mode (but do not make changes when you see the options list, just click on continue), and then also try with all plugins disabled.

Presumably you are able to open other pages without this problem. It is not a problem that only occurs on first startup is it ?
(could then be multiple homepages or sessinstore file problems)

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Hi, This only happens in firefox 3 not in 3.X, after page loading click on any other link on main menu "Trouble shooting tools" "Documentation " etc. then the page gets reloaded again and again

IMP Note: only in Firefox 3.0.

Thanks, Ravi

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Any reason why you should not update to at least firefox 3.6.22 that is a supported version of firefox, none of the earlier versions are still supported.

From your system information, I presume you are writing these posts on Firefox 6.

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Yeah, that's correct but as I need to support my application for versions 3 and above of firefox :) Thanks, Ravi

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I did quickly try the page in firefox 3.0 it does not work it is not stable and generates constant and repeatedly cycling error messages.

Not really sure why you need to use an unsupported version of Firefox. Apparently the site is not compatible with firefox 3.0

Maybe you could get advice from the Mozillazine forums :
Web Development / Standards Evangelism

Or maybe the site itself could offer you advice; as you are able to access it with the currently installed Firefox 6.