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The site reporter tool does not work

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There is an item in Firefox Help where you can report a Web site that does not work.  Originally, a report database was available on line and you could review existing submissions.  The database access site was officially retired and the data gathered were expurgated and dumped for everybody to download. It is 1.3 GB uncompressed; install with { gzcat | mysql mozrep; } to avoid doubling the space. 

The site reporter tool does not seem to work any more.  It just submits the report forever.   It seems that Mozilla has broken functionality in a supported browser, disregarding all users.   The original reporter site redirects to a new feedback site.   The problem with that site is that you have to install version 4 beta to use it, which is not nice at all.  To add exploitation to disrespect, Mozilla tries to turn all customers into beta testers.

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