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Cannot view saved passwords, Lockwise will not accept my FF account, MS account or PIN which are all correct, double checked and MS account PW reset.Why?

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Options/privacy and security/saved logins/ click on the eye to view one of my passwords and the Windows Security- Mozilla Firefox Verify Your Identity box pops up.

It will not accept my firefox username and pw or my Windows Username and pw or my windows pin that i have had setup for years. All i get is -the password or username is incorrect.

I cannot view any of my passwords anymore??? Is there any way to either disable this popup option every time i want or need to view a PW or find out what i need to type in here? Does it want my FF details, My Windows details..?

My FF details are correct as i am signed in here obviously and in my browser on desktop. My windows details are correct but i just did a PW reset to make sure, and i still cannot use either of these logins to view my FF passwords.

I have cleared cookies, reset my pc and still i cannot get past this Windows Security - Mozilla Firefox Verify your identity pop up to access any of my passwords- the password or username is incorrect.

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If you do not have set a master password then Firefox will prompt for the Windows password. If there is no Windows password set then there might have been issues, but I think that this should have been fixed.

You can alternatively set a master password in Firefox to see if that works.

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Ok, i had to reset my Windows pin and then i could use the pin option in the dropdown to get past the Windows pop up box and then i could finally access the master password, which i have now set.

I think i'll go back to writing down all my logins and passwords so i have an easily accessible hard copy available.

Cheers for the help.

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See also:

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I’m having the same issue, but the only option I can use is my Windows domain password. I know it and I use it every day, but FF won’t accept the authentication.

I like the idea of asking for extra authentication, but there should be an option to disable this feature if desired. What happens when the DC is not accessible? I can post this issue in a new thread if needed, so mods please let me know if I should do that. Thanks.

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It is so annoying not being able to disable Lockwise.

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The idea of adding an option to disable this functionality was mentioned when the feature was under development, but the argument was made that allowing someone to disable the function in a setting goes against the whole purpose of wanting to protect the logins in the first place.


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I was able to get some more information on this feature for everyone.

The feature will be disabled due to some issues in an upcoming release very soon (see bug 1636511). For the time being, you actually should be able to disable this by setting the signon.management.page.os-auth.enabled in the about:config page to false and then restarting Firefox.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks that does help going forward. Unfortunately however, this feature triggered a major issue for me. The DC my computer is apparently authenticating through went down a few weeks ago, but it’s been working off of another (secondary) DC. Now, the way in which the FF windows authentication was used/implemented, it forced an attempt to connect to the PDC and the PCs trust relationship is now corrupted. Can’t blame the entire issue on FF obviously, but I wish it hadn’t forced the user/computer to reauthenticate with the domain.

I know FF has been going in the direction of simplifying choices by making them for users, but maybe asking or informing (via an opt-in prompt not via release notes) users prior to making such a drastic change would be a better path here. At any rate, I’ve been quite happy with the direction that the browser has been going with speed and stability, and I’d like to thank the dev team for what have been mostly problem free updates over the past year plus!