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why show error "deceptive site ahead" for our site ?

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hello our site with address with address wirawood.ir have an error whle open it. why show this error? we haven't doing any bad work with this site. with warm regards.

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I don't receive a deceptive site error when navigating there on my end, hmmm. Unsure why it would be appearing. Looking into it

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Hello mmsking2012,

If you received or saw a phone number earlier, please note that it is a scam. Please do not attempt to call that number. If you have made contact with them, please see Avoid and report Mozilla tech support scams.

Thank you

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getting to be a pain whenever I go to a site I have for years been using and now you letting GOOGLE bother me... If I wanted GOOGLE I would use Chrome. STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..STOP..

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Hi Valar Morghulis, Microsoft doesn't share its Smart Screen data with other browser makers, so Google's SafeBrowsing data is the best option available for Mozilla to use in Firefox.

If you do not like the way the phishing and malware protection features work, check out the following article for steps to modify the settings: How does built-in Phishing and Malware Protection work?