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FFX only starts in Admin mode; other browsers start normally.

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I run Firefox on a Lenovo G700 laptop under Windows 10. Recently, I've had problems with Firefox opening--it only seems to run as Administrator, while my other browsers (Chrome, Edge, Avast Safe Zone) come up normally. When I try to reply to a post in the Windows forum, the form grays out and won't work. I tried creating a new profile, but the Profile Manager doesn't run through the "Run" box--I don't have administrative permission to run it. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling FFX several times, including once when I deleted all the files. I still have the problem. (BTW, this is with NO extensions.) I found a post here that recommended turning Compatibility off and turning "Run as Admin" on; I tried this, and FFX starts as it used to, AND I can link to it from a link in an email. However, I still have the problem with replying in the Windows forum. What am I missing?