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Firefox crashes

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I get random crashes on different pages right after I click on a link on a page. A new page begins to load, Firefox hangs for several seconds and crashes. If I enable Adblock addon crashes frequency increases a lot, but having only minimun addons enabled (NoScript, SpeedDial, FireGestures, Zoom Page) still leads to crashes with the same symptoms. I experienced the crashes at least from version 27 to 29, now I'm running latest ESR (24.5.0). I found similar report that claimed HTTPS-Everywhere addon to cause crashes, but in my case enabling the addon does not increase crashes frequency. My system is not perfectly stable, Explorer crashes sometimes, but no other programs. I've performed stress test using Prime95 v27.9 for a few hours which found no problem. I also checked my system disk with the latest Kaspersky Rescue Disk - no malicious programs were found. Video drivers are updated to the latest version, the only enabled plugin is the latest version of Adobe Flash. I surely would just reset my Firefox installation but I have very big amount of data collected for NoScript and Adblock and losing their settings will be a real pain. Please tell me what can I do to solve the problem.

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Hi Kate,

It may not be necessary to reset Firefox as that can be a pain especially when you've accumulated years of bookmarks, passwords and personal information. Your crashes don't point me to any specific thing that's causing it. We can try some general troubleshooting then

Can you try to start Firefox in Safe Mode to see if Firefox works properly with no error? You can start Firefox in Safe Mode below:

  • Windows/Mac: Go to Help > Restart with add-ons disabled
  • Linux: Run firefox -safe-mode in the Terminal/Konsole

If Firefox opens up fine with no problems, it's probably one of your extensions that's causing the issue. You can re-enable your add-ons one by one until you find the one that causes the issue upon being re-enabled.

Also, is there a reason you are using Firefox 24.5.0 ESR as opposed to the regular Firefox 30?

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Try to set the Flash plug to click-to-play by setting the permissions for Flash to "Ask To Activate" in "Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins". That way you can activate the Flash plugin when you need it via the Lego block icon on the location bar.

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Hi, cor-el,

I already have click-to-play feature enabled. After doing it my Firefox already crashed once, so it is not a solution.

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Your Firefox is WAY out of date. Is that the way you want it?

The crash report has 20 entries about; %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll Does this mean anything?

Have you turned off Use Hardware Acceleration?

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Hi, moses,

Thank you for you advise, I will try running Firefox in Safe Mode for some time. The problem is that it will take 3-4 weeks to be sure crashes are not back. As for you question regarding using ESR version - I installed version 29 and was unpleasantly surprised by interface changes it introduced, especially tab headers which are now all grey without any dividers. I don't like the direction where Forefox interface is developing. And, by the way, resetting Firefox does not mean losing bookmarks (these can be easily saved and restored) but losing NoScript whitelist, Adblock blacklist and SpeedDial bookmarks.