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Re: Firefox is unstable

Dear Firefox SEASONAL GREETINGS Just about a week ago after my last Firefox upgrade, the browser started weirdly.… (read more)

Dear Firefox

                                                      SEASONAL GREETINGS

Just about a week ago after my last Firefox upgrade, the browser started weirdly. The style, characters, boxes and bands were abnormally changing sizes. I tried using Firefox settings: Zoom all to no avail. I went into System display and did advanced scaling and it was of no help. I further went on System Restore and Resetting my computer and it was all the same.

I removed all add-ons, cleared both Firefox and the Systems Caches and carried malware clean up of my computer. I also carried out troubleshoot and the computer informed me there was no malware in the system using Windows Defender.

After carrying out any the above when I restart the computer all the values change to their abnormal values with very large Firefox Interface, the bands and spaces including the URL address bar appear abnormally large. When I use the mouse, sections of the browser moves all across the page uncontrollably. This happened for over a week. Hence I could not access my AOL email.

Though risky as you advised against, I had to download a lower version : 82.0.3 which appears to steadier and then managed to access my email and other apps, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter(X), etc.

Within this period I had the same problem with my second preferred browser - Yandex. I contacted their Support Team and explained to them what was happening. They asked me to send screen short the problem. I took the screenshot and found out that in the Interface at the top the size was shown to to be 66%, but yet the band spaces and characters were abnormally large.

They wrote back thanking me with the advice to open browser://flags in their Yandex browser, and there disable "Enable 125% scaling factor" option by selecting "Disable". When I carried out their instruction, just like magic, the Yandex browser returned to normality.

Firefox, do you have such a function so as to advice me? You probably would have to get your developers into this matter. My honest opinion is that Firefox is rushing out hastily with upgrades. Hence the problems. On the Internet there are many complaints about the instability of Firefox.

Thanks in advance in hearing me out.


Asked by DR CLEMENT AKATENG MD 5 months ago

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