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Adblock Plus - is it safe? Why Mozilla doesn't recommended it? I used it in the past some years ago but now I am scary about safety

Dear Community, I would like to download this extension: I would like to know how it works. If I will install th… (read more)

Dear Community,

I would like to download this extension: I would like to know how it works. If I will install this extension my firefox will be check hashsum for the files of this extension automatically? Or maybe public key of the organization/company who created Adblock Plus extension? How it is work? Can you tell me? I hope that people from Mozilla now read this and can answer for my question. This is very important for me.

Next question is to Adblock Plus extension. I can read this information: "This add-on is not actively monitored for security by Mozilla. Make sure you trust it before installing" so my question is why Mozilla don't recommended this extension? This extension now use 6,678,297 people so this is huge count. It is possible that this extension is not safe and these people now use malicious software? Why on dedicated website for this extension I can't see company name? Why this company is not verified by Mozilla? So my sugestion for people from Mozilla is to change this and check this extension or maybe add some information on website for this extension.

So I should install this extension? My friend use this on Google Chrome and he recommended me this software but I don't know if this is exatcly the same version. Maybe Chrome has verified Adblock Plus software and this is safe but Mozilla didn't verified this and this can be dangerous software because this can be not exactly the same version?

Next question is to adblocker. Why Mozilla can't make their own software to block all annoying ads and due to fight with malware? Example Opera browser have own buil-in adblocker. Why firefox can't do this? Maybe people from Mozilla should do this? This can be helpful because if this can be happen I will be not install any 3rd party software for firefox anymore and I will be safe. Maybe I can send somehow this suggestion to people from Firefox?

I hope that you can help me.

Yours faithfully, Peter

Asked by Peter 3 months ago

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