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Sync does not work

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Sync used to work great but for some reason stopped working. I use it in 3 computers. One of them it does nothing. The other one it simply errases the data every few days and I have to restore the backup. Another computer I had the HD formated and it sync one folder from my bookmarks and nothing else. Very weird. I´ve done all the usual porcedure of setting up the sync pairing. Any help appreciated.

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Hi WebMozilla,

Have you set up the new sync at about:accounts ? This will allow you to use the new sync, however if you are experiencing issues and you are already on the new sync please provide any examples of errors.

the logs are in the profile folder under weave/logs. If there are errors for a specific type like add on or bookmark etc, uncheck that temporarily, then manage one more time and add it then "Sync Now"

Let me know if this works for you as well.

Sincerely, guigs

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Hm. I didn´t know there was a new sync. Could you please tell me how to set up the new sync? Not sure what you mean by "about:accounts". Going to Tools/Options/Sync tab is the only way I know of to set up the Sync. And in there all seems correct.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: If what you mean by "new sync" is setting up sync in the new device, then I have done that and it shows the correct account email and that the device is linked.

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about:accounts isn't applicable to Firefox 28 and earlier versions. It is a new feature in Firefox Beta 29 and above which have the "new" 1.5 version of Sync.

Are you using any Firefox Beta 29, Aurora 30, or Nightly 31 versions of Firefox with that Sync Account?

Once a Sync Account has been upgraded to v-1.5 on the Sync server, it won't work with the previous version of Sync still being used on any device.

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More information about the new Sync that uses a Firefox Account:

If there are problems with syncing bookmarks then there might be a problem with the places.sqlite database file.

You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database file in the Firefox profile folder.

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Ok. No, I don´t have any of those. Using Version 28. It´s a pain for sure because I usually have all my machines in sync. Maybe I´ll just wait for the release of the official version 29. With the new sync things will change and probably solve my problem.

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(Thank you guys for getting to this :-))

Hi WebMozilla, Yes, sorry for the confusion. If you would like to test it the new sync KB Sync your Firefox bookmarks, history, passwords and more can give you more information on it. It is still improving too, so if you try it let them know if you notice anything. :-)

In the meantime, in the mange sync selection of the computer only syncing one folder, if it is the Mobile Folder I believe this is expected. However you can check if Bookmarks are checked from the Sync > Manage menu.