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Firefox 28 stops responding at Facebook dynamic search.

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Whenever I use Facebook dynamic search, Firefox stops responding. This issue also involves writing a new post/comment using the at-sign, which starts dynamic user search.

  • Before update from FF27 to FF28 it did not happen. (I use Windows 7.)
  • Safe mode does not help.
  • Clearing cache and deleting Facebook cookies does not help. Neither new profile nor clean install helps.
  • There are no crash reports within Firefox as well as no Windows error logs generated.
  • Other browsers on this computer do not have this problem, another computer with FF28 that I use works well. Firefox 28 on this computer with Ubuntu Linux works.

Edit: I got Firefox not responding even at going through conversations (messages). So I can generalize that any operation at Facebook, during which three "waiting" bars appear, can lead to the not-responding state of Firefox.

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Hi xmrazik, Resetting Firefox exports the current profile to a folder on the Desktop. However since clearing the cache does not help, if you load bypassing the cache and log out then back in see if the search still acts the same. Reload the webpage while bypassing the cache using one of the following steps:

  • Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload button with a left click.


  • Press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows and Linux)
  • Press Command + Shift + R (Mac)

Let us know if this solves the issues you are having.

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Dear guigs2, thank you for your kind assistance but Ctrl + F5 after and before being logged in have been tried many times without any effect.

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Anyone know if this is being worked on? I'm going to have to give Chrome a try if this isn't fixed pronto. Thank you.

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Did you try a new additional profile or the Reset Firefox option ?

If understandably you do not wish to reset Firefox an additional test profile makes sense. All you need to do s use the -p at the end of a commandline, or use the built in profilemanager.

General info on use of Multiple Profiles

Using multiple profiles is not something we shout about on this forum. It is I think considered too advanced. It does have some dangers in that you may accidentally delete profiles for instance. It is however possible to manually backup profiles, and that may be a good precaution to take. I would also strongly suggest that you follow this good practice (At least until you are proficient enough to manually recreate and modify profiles)

  1. Normally use the locations suggested by Firefox
    It is easier and safer
    • Always use an empty folder
      Other contents disappear when the profile is removed
    • Never nest profiles within each other
      As above,delete mother, lose child also
  2. Do not rename profiles
    Confusing, profile names and folder names mismatch
  3. Do not delete profiles
    Just remove shortcuts if not in use. Delete the wrong one and you lose settings, passwords & bookmarks etc

Uses of multiple profiles include

  • Testing, with clean or temporary profiles
  • Different users, or different work type within the same OS account. That may include different bookmarks files &/or a different set of addons.
  • Running multiple Firefox versions &/or multiple instances of Firefox simultaneously.

There are other methods of creating profiles but the best is probably to use Firefox's built-in profile manager.

Read up some of the articles, and if you want to try anything and are unsure post back.

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Personally I do not use facebook but if this was a general Firefox problem it would be reported and voted on by many people. I do not notice many questions in the forum or in our feedback results

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Dear John99, thanks for your care! Creating a new user profile does provide solution to the issue. So the remaining question is what is the remaining difference between the new profile and the old profile in safe mode with cleared cache...

Edit: New profile is only a temporary solution.

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Hi xmrazik,

So the remaining question is what is the remaining difference between the new profile and the old profile in safe mode with cleared cache... 

That sometimes is easy to tell other times it takes a lot of effort to sort out.

The advantage of using multiple profiles is that it is easy to try various changes. The priority for a user is normally to get Firefox working again regardless of the exact cause.

Note it is possible to migrate things from one profile to another, however with addons it is probably simplest just to reinstall those as needed, whereas if the bookmarks and passwords files are not causing the crash or problem you would want to transfer them.

The Firefox Reset automates that procedure

Details of how to do it manually see

I note cookies & cache were cleared initially


Clearing cache and deleting Facebook cookies does not help

Modified by John99

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Thank you John99 for this. If it was not the cache, it may have been a stored cookie for that page. In the first profile the cookies are stored you can control the cookies in this menu: Firefox > Options > Privacy > History > Use custom history > "Cookies" In there you can search for facebook cookies, remove them, then see if the issue continues when you log in like it was the first time to facebook.

I am happy you all sorted it out, if you have any other questions we are happy to help.

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Dear guigs2, thank you for your comment. Nevertheless, as I have already presented, clearing Facebook cookies does not help as well.

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It's ridiculous! It just started happening to me yesterday I think. I had to close out & restart 'previous session' at LEAST 10 times last night and once so far today (only been online for awhile today). I'm about ready for anything BUT Firefox at this point!

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Can someone please tell me if this is the same problem I'm having? I've used my PC for years and I'm not a 'newbe' but I'm not a computer tech either.

All I can tell you is that when I try and type a comment on Facebook suddenly a 'active' link (a 'dynamic?' link?) will appear and I'm not able to get past it. It completely hangs at that point, the page gets faded out and the ONLY thing I can do at that point it to close out altogether. It doesn't shut down on it's own but I HAVE to CLOSE EVERYTHING (including other web sites in their separate windows) and then open the browser again at which time I get this 'We're sorry' message from Firefox and the option to restart the session, which I do. I've probably had to do this 20 times in the last two days!

I've read through the answers for this problem (I'm assuming mine is like the others here). Sorry to say I'm not exactly sure how to 'interpret' the fixes so it's still going on. Thanks in advance for any help!

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I installed the NoScript add-on, accessed the Facebook page, allowed the facebook.com and akamaihd.net scripts, and uninstalled NoScript.

I am not sure what exactly influenced the status quo but momentarily Facebook dynamic search works without Firefox becoming irresponsible.

Edit: This was only a temporary clue. Firefox stops responding again. It has something to do with scripting but the issue is harder to tackle than just install and uninstall an add-on.

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Mine is intermittent. Sometimes FB dynamic search works perfectly, sometimes it doesn't.

Uninstalling NoScript isn't an option for me -- if I do that, I have to switch to Chrome. I like FF, though, so I'm going to try a profile reset when I get a chance. Prob not a bad thing to do every few years, anyway...

In the mean time, I open up a Gmail compose window and write my FB posts there. Used to only do that for posts that are longer than two or three sentences.

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I have the same issue. When typing in a status or comment that is long enough to generate 3 or 4 lists of suggested tags, the entire browser freezes. Only option is to close out, lose all input, and can't even send a crash report. I can reproduce this issue reliably all day long. It crashed 4 times in the span of one status today. In the span of an hour on facebook I will have to restart it 4 or 5 times. My cache clears every time I close the browser, and I have the highest possible amount of memory allocated to Firefox. Also, for the record, you guys need to add a "register" link to the login section. In order to post this, I had to go through the motions like I wanted to post a new question/issue just so I could create an account!

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I've actually thought about typing out a comment in Word, copying & pasting it into Facebook. It's so silly to need to do that however. What I'd like to know is why FF hasn't fixed this problem. Needing a work around just seems really silly and counter productive to FF's popularity.  :o)

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It appears xmrazik the question owner resolved this by creating a new Firefox Profile as a trouble shooting step.

You could try that yourself but an easier option may be to Reset Firefox. The Firefox Reset is easy to use, note however it will remove any Firefox Extensions you have installed. Before doing the reset you may wish to bookmark the download and the home sites of your extensions so the you may reinstall them again if you need to.

Please read the article first


I am not sure exactly how the popular addon noscript works or how cleanly it uninstalls. It appears to store its settings in a database in the profile and probably also sets some prefs.

Maybe your problem was with blocking some facebook related script. I imagine some sites may use trackers etc Blocking scripts obviously blocks some functionality designed into a site. It is not inconceivable they are actually designed to malfunction if certain scripts or advertising functions are blocked.

It would be interesting to know if with noscript installed you are able to recreate your problem by for instance blocking akamaihd.net scripts, and then prevent the problem by using a new profile.

I do know there are quite a few posts active on the forum about facebook problems, but I do not notice posts saying the issues with facebook are solved.

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Joanne1348, I've actually been using notepad for exactly that all day, and it is ridiculous to have to have a work around.

John99- As of right now, I have tried resetting firefox, completely uninstalling and reinstalling firefox, (using revo uninstaller and even removing all registry entries before reinstalling) and creating a new profile. I've even tried disabling all of my add-ons, (which totally defeats the purpose of why I use firefox to begin with.)

I have 9 friends on my facebook alone all complaining of the same issues between firefox and facebook, at this point, even if there is something that can be done on a users end to fix it, I'd say it's a wide enough issue that firefox needs to update something to fix it.

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I have to confirm that creating a new profile is only a temporary solution. If I create a new profile, I can work. But after storing the session and restarting Firefox the issue comes back.

If I take into account this Firefox issue with Facebook: http://bernatarlandis.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/firefoxiceweasel-high-cpu-usage-when-idle/ I find it quite unfavourable for Firefox as Facebook is one of the most visited websites...

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Maybe your problem was with blocking some facebook related script. I imagine some sites may use trackers etc Blocking scripts obviously blocks some functionality designed into a site. It is not inconceivable they are actually designed to malfunction if certain scripts or advertising functions are blocked.

The issue definitely does not have anything to do with any add-ons as it emerges even with a clean, new user profile. I tried with NoScript to find out whether it has something to do with scripting. I do not use NoScript and I added it just to try to block and unblock the Facebook scripts. But without facebook.com and akamaihd.net scripts Facebook naturally does not work correctly.

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It quite possibly affects a lot of people and so it needs investigation.
Please Help
You as Facebook users are the ones that see the problems and may be able to help by doing some troubleshooting.

Is anyone able to clearly give steps to reproduce his problem and then the steps to prevent it occurring ?

More importantly as I am sure not everyone has this issue what is the common factors of those that do have the issue.
Has anyone worked that out ?

If we can find workarounds and solutions that way we also find information that is useful if we need to ask Firefox engineers to look at the issue. Or if you need to ask Facebook to look into a problem.

  • If you have problems can you confirm alternative browsers have no problem ?
    What browsers have you tried ?

We seem to have established the problem does not exist in a new profile and that tends to indicate it is a Firefox issue. However that does not entirely rule out third party software interactions.

Next objective: Answer this

  • Does the problem reoccur on restarting Firefox and using Facebook IF firefox remains in safemode and with no plugins active ?

Please all of you try the following and report back on what you observe.

  1. Initially use a new profile AND with
    • Firefox in safemode
    • No plugins enabled,
  2. Now after using FaceBook close Firefox in the ordinary manner and then restart and use FaceBook again and the existing profile that was used above AND making sure it is the same configuration: safemode and no plugins
    • Is FaceBook still problem free ?
    • Or have FaceBook problems reapeared again ?
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