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just installed latest vers of FF,,, so far I HATE IT!! addon icons will not show anywhere but the top addon bar...

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Not real hot on the look either, real issues are: addon icons will not show anywhere but the top addon bar... the title bar with the basic commands (File, Edit, ect.) disappeared, havent found any way to bring it back. Even If I had a Huge screen I dont want it wasted on 3 or 4 icons making a whole toolbar

>>> How can I downgrade preferably to 25 or the vers. before the download window was dropped - can drop in just the FF app. and have it recognize the settings and bookmarks? ( I have other computers )

Other issues Cant restore closed tabs, history is there and restarts with last session (most of it)

The last time I let FF upgrade till Ive had a REAL good look

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What version did you install?

Press Alt or F10 to restore the menu bar.

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Your Firefox Beta was upgraded to Firefox 29. For more information see:

If you no longer want to test the Beta version, you can download the latest release version (currently Firefox 28) to replace your Beta version, from www.mozilla.org/firefox/new

On downgrading Firefox to an earlier version, that's not recommended. The article on that is Install an older version of Firefox.

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P.S. Why not stick with Beta a while longer, since it's the future of Firefox? There's more information here that you should find helpful:

If you can't get used to the new user interface (called "Australis"), here's an add-on that will restore the "classic" Firefox UI:

These new articles have more information:

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Thanks; alt or f10 does bring back the menu bar - ONLY on the current page or window, not globally. since v25 changes have made for the worse - > Make it more STABLE , dont keep changing the function!!!

BTW I got 29 beta it is NOT MORE STABLE

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If you go to customize, you can put your add-ons onto the menu, I found that useful...

Go to the menu, customize, show/hide toolbars

select Menu toolbar, it will show up

hope this helps

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If you really want to downgrade then you can look at the Firefox 24.4.0esr version as that will still give you security updates.

You can install the Classic Theme Restorer extension to restore some functionality that was lost with the arrival of Australis.

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I need the Bottom bar where I already something using part of it, the rest being wide open where I used to have several addons living. Customize wont put anything there

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Im looking to get (use) the Bottom toolbar, I have 1 addon (noscript) there now - with lots of free space - last thing I need are addons taking up Vertical space.

I wish they stop doing updates for the sake of updates, make it more stable instead of taking away functions, If I get a car I dont want to find out later that I need to get wheels for it, or headlights if I want to drive at night.

so far this ver. is as crash prone as any other. latest ver.

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The funny thing about this thread is I updated from the release version to a nightly build the second Australia was included, I think it is great. The extra year in Firefox has allowed some of the rough edges it has in Thunderbird to rub off. No status bar is not something I miss as the status stuff appears in the bottom left anyway.

What exactly lived on your status bar? This thread discusses modifying the status pane https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/969955

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The only thing in the Bottom (of the window) status bar is Noscript's Options button and 'scripts partially allowed' info, Nothing else will go there. As to stability, Nothing seems to have improved, beyond what goes where THAT is what I'm really interested in.

I see the link you shared, and I highly agree - in a way - I think users should be able turn "features" on and off at will WITHOUT downloading extra addons. or mucking around in config files (I can but rather not) - 4 Wheel drive cars & trucks - you simply shove a lever back and forth, or even a knob on some fancy new ones - Other examples can be found everywhere My 38 year old 4WD you have to get OUT (in the muck) and turn locks on each front wheel to get in or out of 4WD - That how it was done 38 YEARS ago - Havent we advanced a bit since ??

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Thanks for the classic links, but aside from looks which I 'may' get used to, if this is the future of FF, with functions being removed on a regular basis - IM OUTTA HERE!

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Stability.... I regularly get a flash crash, but firefox itself I do not really recall when. What is the stability issue your seeing?

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Hi, yes Flash is flakey for me too but not my big prob., I have for years racked up large numbers of Tabs - esp. after a few days ( it is set to load when needed (whatever its called)) FF has always crashed at some point usually switching tabs or opening something; sometimes with only a few dozen tabs sometimes hundreds other times I will leave it for the night and come back later to find the "sorry - firefox encountered a problem ..." -> This instability is as bad as ever - no improvement I can measure

WinXP 6 Gigs Installed win sees 3.5 Gigs, core 2 duo 2.33ghz FF 29

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