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Why did you remove The option to disable Java scripts?

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Everyone knows malware always comes through java scripts. So why did you remove the option to turn it off ? Why the false saftey excuse? (duckspeak) This makes no sense. Alot of people also get errors and have slower speed with some pages so they disable it. I understand there is plugins available to block scripts but they never work 100%. It just really really seems strange that a browser that was built on the idea of safety, security and trust has now suddenly removed a item that makes users less safe, Under the guise of safety. (doublespeak)

I will no longer use Firefox ever again unless you put this option back.

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hello, the option to toggle javascript is of course still there, but less obvious: enter about:config into the address bar and switch the preference called javascript.enabled or use an addon like to do it conveniently.

i think you also misunderstand or confuse java and javascript, which are totally separate technologies. according to some reports over 85% of exploits on the web used vulnerabilities in the java plugin - so outdated plugins and outdated browser versions are the #1 infection vector on the web, not your enabled javascript...

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Quote: Everyone knows malware always comes through java scripts.

That is not true. Most malware comes from downloading and installing software/extensions and via plugins that aren't up to date (Java, Flash). JavaScript runs in the browser and doesn't have permission to install software or access file on the hard drive, but plugins have.

A lot of website need JavaScript to be turned on to work properly.
If people disable JavaScript and they aren't aware of the consequences then they are unhappy with the browser.
We regularly see questions from people that use extensions that can block content or otherwise make changes to default settings and they aren't aware that extensions are causing their issue.
If you visit respectable websites then you shouldn't need to disable JavaScript.

Note that you run an older Palemoon 20.3 version that likely has unpatched and known security vulnerabilities.

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Also see: You can still disable Java thru The addons manager => Plugins, and javascript can be disabled thru the Developer Toolbox and about:config.

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Quote: javascript can be disabled thru the Developer Toolbox

Not in the current release, but this will be possible in Firefox 24 and later.

  • Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+K)

In Firefox 23 you can only do this by toggling pref(s) on the about:config page.

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WHAT? I don,t know the difference between Java and java scripts? that is like saying a rock is 2 different rocks. Why the doublespeak lies? you can link all you want but I have been working with computers over 20 years I am also a network engineer I know for a fact most spyware and adware come through java scripts ,Now not as many virus come through java script as they do from downloading and installing software/extensions. But the adware can download the viruses itself and some are worse. Updating plug-ins is not the issue here anyway. You can update plug ins and flash and browsers all day. But even updated looking at a site you are not sure of without java script disabled (because it was a great update) Can get some nasty malware. That is a fact. You can keep lying all you want. But as I said. I will never use Firefox again or my family or friends and anyone else I can inform, Unless the option to disable java script is put back in. A browser that claims it is safer to not disable java script sounds like a corrupt dangerous browser to me, and I will have nothing more to do with it, And I used Firefox since it first came out.

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dramatizing and inflating your remarks won't make them any more accurate. we have already provided you with multiple ways to enable disable js...

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Also note that the option is available in...


  1. In the address bar, type "about:config" (with no quotes), and press Enter.
  2. Click "I'll be careful, I promise"
  3. In the search bar, search for "javascript.enabled" (with no quotes).
  4. Right click the result named "javascript.enabled" and click "Toggle". JavaScript is now disabled.

To Re-enable JavaScript, repeat these steps.


You can alternatively install an add-on that lets you disable JavaScript, such as

  • No-Script (to disable JavaScript on a per page basis, as required)
  • QuickJava (to easily disable and enable JavaScript, automatic loading of images, and other content)
  • SettingSanity (adds back JavaScript options, including Advanced JavaScript Settings, as well as options for loading images and showing the Tab Bar)

Im also not sure how you are a computer expert and dont even know the difference between Java and Javascript. Its pathetic that you dont know that Java is the most insecure thing, not Javascript, get your facts straight before bashing a correct answer and "Java Scripts" were not removed, but moved.

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Drama and acting it out hu? Yet you contradicting yourselves and your doublespeak lies is much more believable? You sound just like a lying brainwashing politician. Just admit the truth that the NSA tracked TorFox users with javascript and thats why you removed the option to turn it off in both Firefox and TorFox. Or is it just a conspiracy theory and a coincidence at the same time? Oh let me guess you will say the tracking of TorFox users with javascript is unfounded too right? People are no longer fooled by this fake safety crap or the doublespeak lies. Like I said there is nothing that will make me go back to Firefox unless it is changed, Also I feel you should apologize for trying to trick your users. And lying to them.

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TorFox? More of your hyperbole? Or is that a name that you coined for the Tor Browser?

Mozilla Foundation has nothing to with with the 3rd party Tor Browser project, which is built upon open source Firefox code. Anyone can build their own web browser using Firefox code, as long as they obey the Mozilla rules as to trademarks and copyrights. That is what the Tor Browser project did by having their own name and images which are different from Firefox.

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