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Can't uninstall TopArcadeHits extension

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I downloaded something from and installed it - it ended up unleashing a world of crap into my computer (malware, etc). I seem to have gotten rid of all of it, except for this Extension that cannot be removed from Firefox called TopArcadeHits.

I've tried restarting Firefox in Safe Mode, using the "Reset" button from the Troubleshooting menu in Firefox, manually going to the Extensions folders in the Firefox install directories, and completely uninstalling and re-installing Firefox, being sure to have it wipe out all my bookmarks, cookies, and customizations in the process - nothing works, this damn extension is still in there. It is disabled, but I want it gone forever. It's kind of weird, a couple of other extensions always stay put too, like Logitech SetPoint and another, which I'm not concerned about - but just odd that those don't get wiped out with the actions I've taken.

How can this be banished from my browser?


Chosen solution

I had this problem too, and here is how I successfully removed it from FF21 in Windows 7. After uninstalling the base software from my machine, it was still listed as an addon and "unremovable". After perusing the registry I found that this extension was stored in an unusual location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Extensions

I.e. same level as top firefox user appdata, instead of under the extension folder in the profile under firefox folder. Moreover, the actual offending extension is buried within another "container" extension folder...tricky. Once this extension folder was deleted, it disappeared from firefox. (I also cleaned up my registry as well, but that was not necessary for the removal.)

There may be other places that extensions can be placed. It would be nice if future releases of FF enforced the location of extensions to the local and global directories only (content location cannot so easily be controlled, but extension location should be).

This should also be added to: Cannot uninstall an add-on (Note the above location is distinct from the global extension location in the install folder referred to in this article.)

Hope this helps...

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Well unfortunately, my confidence in AVG gave me a false sense of security. I did not document exactly what download this thing piggybacked on and commandeered my browser.

which is very unlike me, I always print the source page to PDF and save everything in a folder including the Exe File.

I may review my Google Browser History for the date range for any exe files viewed online, and provide that info here as an update to my post.

I always scan files before running installs, and AVG did not pick it up, as waka said, Virus Protection Software, view it as legitimate software.

Although I do recall deselecting the additional add-ons, I did not read the EULA which probably authorized this THING from the Black Lagoon to fester.

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Yes it does normally have a EULA or T&C one extract of which I pasted into a post somewhere upthread. I was wondering whether some site was now bundling this without displaying any warning or T&C.

Toparcade hits is apparently a major inconvenience. I note this thread has had over10k views. However it is software with a legitimate purpose and function and some people install it intentionally and presumably like it.

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I think the App that Toparcadehits rode in on was FLVPlayerSetup.

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This is risky malware for many computer users and needs to be fixed quickly. If you find it hard to deal with or possess little knowledge about computer, you'd better contact ---- (suggestion removed ~J99 ) to avoid any mal-operation.

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  1. Suggestion removed, and some comments struck through. Only reputable sites should be used
  2. The TopArcadeHits extension may not be itself intrinsically dangerous . More a symptom of a user not being careful which sites used and software installations.

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