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Firefox won't remember my usernames or passwords on some sites

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Firefox won't remember my Hotmail account login info.

I have tried everything suggested here:


and none of it has worked.

Firefox won't remember my Hotmail account login info. I have tried everything suggested here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/User_name_and_password_not_remembered and none of it has worked.

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This might be due to few reasons: 1. Website is SSL connected (such as hotmail, paypal); therefore ff wont remember the password. 2. Website isn't fully loaded (ff fills the form only after the page has been fully loaded) 3. You have remembered more than 1 username for the same website 4. You might accessing some subpage (ie. ff remembers pass for site.com, but you are trying to login at login.site.com where ff wont fill the form)

All the other reasons I belive are described on the site you posted.

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it would have to be the first one, as I have only one Hotmail account, and firefox will not remember it, even when the page is fully loaded.

is there a way around this?

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The login.live.com site uses JavaScript to create the login form and the Firefox password manager doesn't work in these conditions (Bug 355063).
You can make Firefox remember the password, but Firefox won't be able to fill it.

A website may be using autocomplete=off to prevent Firefox from saving and filling the name and password.
You can remove autocomplete=off with a bookmarklet to make Firefox save the name and password.

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did you just seriously post a link that was already in my original post?

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Klimek, I tried the site you suggested, but the end result was a Firefox that wouldn't open without crashing.

good thing I kept a backup of my omni.

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so, should I take it nobody has an answer?

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FYI - You have to actually save the link from that page as a "bookmark" in your firefox library, not just click on it on the page. Then, when you're actually on the page you want to save your username for (such as hotmail), THEN you go to "bookmarks" and open the saved link. You will then be prompted to save the password. This isn't explained very well in the previous blog.

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Note that it is definitely not recommended to edit files in the omni.ja archive. Doing this is at your own risk and won't survive a Firefox update.

There are bookmarklets and form fill extensions to address this issue.

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None of the bookmarks work for Hotmail/Outlook. As soon as you clean your cookies and cache, you're back to square one. Whether this is a Firefox or Hotmail issue is irrelevant. There's no reason on earth a website should not be able to remember your username. This is NOT about passwords - it's about usernames, so it's not a security issue. Why this continues to be such a headache is beyond me.

So Cantide8405 - No, no one has an answer to your problem.

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"Remember Passwords" does not work on Hotmail/Outlook. Once you've cleared your cache and cookies you have to reenter all the information. Haven't tried Password Editor yet, but again, I'm talking about usernames, not passwords.

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If you only want to store the user name and not the password then this should work with remembering form date.

Firefox may offer to store the name and password in the Password Manager, but won't fill it the next time because the login.live.com site uses JavaScript to generate the login form and the Password Manager doesn't work properly in this case.