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I am currently using Windows XP online fax from MS Word (no email) (free) which has begun to malfunction constant, does Firefox have a program like this

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I send 1000 or more faxes at a time. I have a Dell desktop and I use a Robotics 56K external modem.

When i try to end a fax the fax "monitor" reads 'no dial tone" for the receiving fax yet when I pick up a non fax line phone, I get a dial tone.

I enter a large group of numbers and set a time to fax and all the numbers come up no dial tone. The Windows XP fax program has been malfunction in one way or the other almost since day one. I need a program that is free (no ads) that WORKS. I do not use emails when faxing. I fax 3 or 4 pages to each fax number.

I am faxing press releases to all 3700 newspapers in the country from time to time.

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One way would be to use an online fax service. In this case you wouldn't need to install any extra software. Please note that online services may have limits on the number of faxes that can be send per day.

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When I first started using Windows XP online faxing it worked. Then it started coming up with about 2/3 "fatal errors". Micro soft told me I need to uninstall my anti virus programs to correct that. Now every fax attempted comes back "no dial tone" which is incorrect. I have checked and all numbers will answer when I use a non fax phone line. (I have a dedicated fax line). I use a Robotics 56k external modem.

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Thanks. Any other suggestions?

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Online fax is different from the Windows built-in fax and doesn't use the modem other than the internet connection itself. So normal Windows errors won't affect this. If you are able to browse web pages normally, you would also be able to use online fax services via Firefox. Searching for internet fax would be helpful. It would also be more helpful to try the Windows support for Windows fax errors. There could be other solutions.

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Thank you for your reply. First of all let me say I am totally and completely computer challenged. I am 80, and not really part of the the computer generation so to speak although I have used the internet since 1996. I volunteer my services to a non profit organization and I send press releases from time to time for them via fax to all 3700 newspapers in the USA. I was using a stand alone fax but the time it took to do that 'manually' was really a biggie. So I wanted to do on line faxing without charge or an ad on the cover page. I hired a computer guru (an IT engineer who moonlights helping people like me) to get me situated so I could use the Windows XP on line faxing. I do not have an internal modem because my Dell computer is NOT NEW and this did require an external modem. The tech had this US Robotics (never used) which he GAVE to me to use to save me the expense of buying one. He set it up and it went well at first. Then I began to get about 2/3rds failure due to fatal error. I spent 2 and 1/2 hours on the phone with Microsoft (several different people none of whom seemed to be knowlegable about the XP fax program............I was finally told to disconnect my anti virus program which I did. That did not solve the problem. So I reinstalled it. I reinstalled the modem and that did help. I went from getting a reject of 2 out of 2 to about 1 out of every 10 or 12. This was manageable. THen I began to get ALL rejects saying "no dial tone". This is not correct because when I call those same fax numbers on my regular phone, I get through and get the dial tone.

Do I get a NEW modem? Do I need to buy a software program for faxing? What can I do? I have been all over Microsoft's "help" pages looking for answers. I have two SP2 items in my programs list.

MSXXML 4.0 SP@ KB 954430 and the second is KB97388. I am sure I only need one but I am not certain what would happen if I delete one and which one should I delete?

I simply can not afford to talk to Microsoft anymore especially since I can't seem to find anyone who KNOWS what to do. The computer guru is away on an assignment on his job and no longer available.

Since I exist more or less on my SS (since the big market disaster of 2008) I can not keep putting money out to solve this problem. I agreed to do it for the small non profit so I don't feel good about saying "Sorry, I can't do this for you any more" which means going back to manually feeding pages into a stand alone fax which is a real "nightmare" when doing a large number. I had unlimited calls to the US for a flat fee with my phone provider so that was not concerned. I really need to figure this out. ANY help you can give me is appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Really sorry for the delay. I was away. You can try to contact the phone provider. They may also be able to help. But if it is a hardware problem, you may have to replace the modem. You can also try to check using HyperTerminal (the last item on the page). Please also see this.

Internet fax is different in that the document to be faxed is uploaded to a web site which then transmits it to the receiver. In this case hardware problems or software errors won't be a limiting factor as long as there is internet connectivity and you would also be able to use the service through any internet connected PC. Searching for online fax or internet fax @ Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckDuckGo etc. would also be helpful in getting a wide choice of online fax service providers and plans. You may also be able to contact them and verify their physical presence, address etc. Example.



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Thank you. THank you. There is a phone line problem with the fax line. When I got the no dial tone, I thought I was having trouble reaching recepients...........turned out my fax line is not working so I will get right on that.

Now I just need to find out why I get so many "fatal errors" comments. This Symantec seems superior to Microsoft. I need to check out their on line faxing.

You have been very very helpful. Thanks again

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You are welcome :)