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Please give me a link to version 5.01

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How much clearer do I have to be? Version 6 freezes my computer! I want version 5.01, and I don't appreciate Mozilla weeding out all the links to 5.01.

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Found it for you from a Mozilla web site. When you go to the link below you'll see this text: "Thanks for choosing Firefox! Your download should automatically begin in a few seconds, but if not, click here."

The words "click here" will be in blue. Click on the blue and then you will start downloading version 5.0.1.

FireFox 5.01

I just grabbed it so the link is working and good.

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The links given in this thread for Firefox 5.0/5.0.1 works fine.

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Thank you !!!!! I held out as long as I could with the 6 & its update but couldn't take it any longer so I rolled back to the 5 this morning.. FF/Mozilla needs to start taking a better look at their programmers they are starting to act like Microsoft employees.. Wow what a difference 5 vs 6 happy for the moment but still considering Chrome or Opera

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@ kdaAz... TY again for the FF 5 link .... I had done the 6 back to 5 a couple of weeks ago everything was going well; but this morning I must have put my stupid hat back on because I decided to do the 6 upgrade & oh my pain immediately so came back here for your 5 link & back I went.. TY

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@ LiesThatYouTell.... What's your prob bored this a.m. ?

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You could try FF 7 now. It has been released.

If you do not like to be reminded of updates, you can disable any kind of updates for Firefox in the about:config window.

  • app.update.auto - set to false
  • app.update.enabled - set to false

After that, never click the "Check for updates" button again, because it will start downloading if there is any app update available.

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@ finitarry... How ready is FF7 for the end user ? I've been back & forth so many times between 6 & 5 & now having issues with 5 which I'm guessing is due to no support (?) .. How many Add-Ons with 7 are not compatible any idea & I thought it was still in Beta ? In tears today over this & I had downloaded Chrome but just not comfortable with it so I removed it but I don't know ..

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@ finitarry... Did the 7 upgrade tonight & lost two of the features that come with Kaspersky AV so I emailed Kaspersky since they have great customer service & were extremely helpful the last time I had FF upgrade issues .. Foxfire & upgrade appear to be an oxymoron lately.. Anyway, in addition to the AV issues I lost Java console & now I noticed that my webpages when they load don't cover the entire screen anymore they sit in the middle.. I've checked everything I can in control panel about screen sizing but nothing is applicable & nothing works & I've got a laptop so every little inch counts.. I sent my son who is an IT a link to one of the websites & hopefully he can see how it looks otherwise I'll do a 'save as' & send it as an attachment * sigh* Never a dull moment with FF lately but I've got my fingers crossed on the 7.. Any suggestions on the screen size issue ? All donations gratefully accepted..

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Oh brother. Here we go again with the tech talk. About:config??? Where is that???

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Nana, Chrome sucks bigtime. I never could figure out how to do stuff, and it's sure not as versatile as Firefox. Tried it - deleted it.

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Oh, this is SO helpful. This is not the place to edit your configuration settings. This is a reference to the entries in about:config, where all user preferences can be viewed and modified. Entries that apply to Firefox or Thunderbird may also apply to Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey and vice versa.

Users not already familiar with about:config entries should read the companion article, about:config, which describes how to modify values and work with the about:config list.

This article does not contain a complete list of all preferences. If you don't find an entry below for a given preference, check the Category:Preferences (multiple-page) listing, which includes many new preferences that have not been added here, as well as those preferences that have been migrated from sections of this article. Also check Mail and news settings for a listing of Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey mail and news preferences. Alternative lists can be found at the Preferential project, Mozilla's networking documentation, and Mozilla's embedding documentation.

There is no indication in the table as to which items will take effect immediately, with a new window, or require restarting.

For a comparison view of table and actual about:config settings, use the Split Browser extension to show one above the other.

Finding item documentation for a preference from within about:config can be speeded up with use of Prefsearch extension, which adds a context menu item to search Google for the selected preference item.

Note: Spaces between the dots in preference names on this page exist purely for word-wrapping. They are actually not present and should not be thought as so. Editors of this page must take care to follow this convention in order to not force users to horizontally scroll this article. Contents [hide]

   1 Accessibility.
   2 Advanced.
   3 Alerts.
   4 App.
   5 Bidi.
   6 Browser.
   7 Config.
   8 Content.
   9 DOM.
   10 Editor.
   11 Extensions.
   12 Font.
   13 Geo.
   14 General.
   15 Intl.
   16 Javascript.
   17 Layout.
   18 Mail.
   19 Mailnews.
   20 Middlemouse.
   21 Mousewheel.
   22 Network.
   23 News.
   24 NGLayout.
   25 Plugin.
   26 Print.
   27 Privacy.
   28 Profile.
   29 Security.
   30 Signon.
   31 Snav.
   32 Toolkit.
   33 UI.
   34 Update. and Update_notifications.
   35 View_source.
   36 XPInstall.
   37 Miscellaneous preferences

What the heck do we look like, Microsoft geniuses???

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@MizLiz.... I'm not going to try that config settings I have it set at no auto updates & I'm fine with that I'm more interested in the resizing of my web pages which I found a quick fix for but its only a temp thing.. I will say the FF7 appears to be faster like the old FF & so far no hang ups but I only did it last night.. I uninstalled the Chrome when I saw some security issues & I didn't like it when they forced me to take something I didn't want; I'm not that kinda gal.. Anyway the temp fix should you need it to re-size a webpage is Control + will make it larger & Control - obviously will make it smaller but its a band-aid on the cut need to find the permanent fix.. I did read on the Internet that Control 0 (the number zero) would do the permanent fix but that didn't work for me.. So other than that & the Kaspersky AV issues which I know definitely Kaspersky Cust. Service will do the email thing with me on so far so good with the 7 maybe that's the lucky number.. We'll see & I don't want to be anything Microsoft..

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Nana, I've read enough posts about the difficulties with FF7....no way am I going to install it. And as for wandering around, trying to figure out what "About:Config" is, not going to do that either.

I truly resent Mozilla issuing a release that has bugs in it, not fixing them, and then releasing a further version with new and different bugs! What do we look like, test subjects? I love FF5, but the rest? No way.

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Mizliz... Well other than the 2 issues I cited FF7 has been doing quite well this a.m. & I've been on since 7:00am EST.. Quite a shocker from 5/6 but I hear you on the test subject thing they should do all of this negative testing prior to release; I'm/we are supposed to be the end users not the unpaid patchers.. The issues with the screen/webpage shrinkage has become not such an issue since I found the "band-aid fix" & although its not a permanent fix (I don't think) it works really great for me at least.. I use a laptop with a 15" screen so when I do the Control+ thing WOW look ma I can read without my glasses & when you're 70 this is a good thing : so that's turned out to be a blessing in a FF disguise.. The other two issues with my Kaspersky AV additional features I am quite confident in Kaspersky they will tend to that & until then I can manually make the Digital Keyboard appear onscreen to use when making credit card purchases etc & I can manually do the URL Advisor check by running the URL in my search engine www.ask.com & the Kaspersky symbol will appear next to the URL name.. So I'm doing ok today, tomorrow is another issue & one day at a time.. I will say that the 7 is quicker than the 5/6 doesn't hang (not yet) & while I haven't checked it yet they say it uses less memory & the CPU should be less, I'll check into that stuff later on.. As I said I've been on since 7am & I still haven't dumped my files or cleaned the cache & its noon EST & we're still moving right along.. So I'll report back on this..

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mizliz: Just an fyi: I surfed the internet & found detailed instructions on the "about:config" printed them & was going to do it but step one was : type "about:config" in the address bar hit enter & when I did I got a warning message saying that I would void my pc warranty so I stopped.. The instructions really aren't that hard to follow but hmmm voiding my pc warranty is a whole different issue so I'll bypass that little one.. The instructions are also coming thru a Wiki page & all Wiki pages are written/edited by end users & volunteers so I don't know who really verifies it.. This particular page was on WikiHow & the disclosures aren't as concise as the ones on Wikipedia.. So on this about:config change I'll pass..

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If Mozilla really cared about us non-techies, they'd make it a lot easier to opt out of these nag screens to update.

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Going into Options > Advanced > Update and unchecking the box "Firefox" is supposed to disable Firefox updating itself, but you now have to stay away from the "Check for Updates" button in the About Firefox box.

Mozilla is also progressively dumbing down the interface, with FF6, you have most of the address in the addressbar greyed out, and with FF7, the protocol information for http:// is now hidden. The only way to reverse those things is to change settings in the about:config window. To get into that, just type about:config into the addressbar.

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@ finitarry... See my post above on the "about:config" issue.....

''''''Now on the next level....''''''

Yesterday I downloaded FF7 and obviously held my old breathe & prayed considering all the complaining I did about 4/5/6.. FF7 was worth the praying & other than the fact that I lost a couple of Add-Ons for the time being (not an issue) I can work around them but I will tell you 7 is like the FF I remember.. No hanging, no slow loads & I work with about 5, 6 sometimes 7 tabs open & I'm on the laptop about 12hrs a day without dumping the temp files or clearing any cache which used to be an hourly ritual for me.. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I truly suggest you try 7 & see the difference..

If I put my former systems hat on I can tell you sometimes big corp's like the one I worked for have routine scheduled outages when they bring the system down to put in patches & upgrade systems, applications etc. & this could be what Mozilla did with FF.. I'm sure the different groups & programmers that worked on 4/5/6 were listening & recording all of the issues with those browser updates looking towards the release of 7 knowing it was on the drawing board & did the repairs, fixes & 7 release all at once; saves time, money & resources.. In the world of systems & operations it makes sense..

Try 7 !! I'm happy & the loss of the Add-Ons as I said not an issue they'll get there.. I'm not easy to please when it comes to this I'm old & cranky & when I hit enter I don't want any slack..


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That message in the about:config window is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is merely there to make you understand that you have to be careful when adjusting settings in there. If you were using the British English version of Firefox, the message would start with "Here be dragons!"

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finitarry ... well I take those things seriously since I'm sure it was put there for a reason..

However, I'm in hog heaven as they say with FF7 .. thanks anyway appreciate it..

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