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I had Firefox 4 which is truly great, I thought I was getting an update for Firefox 4 BUT it was Firefox 6 which I detest. Its is so stupidly laid. Please show me where I can downlaod good old wonderful Firefox 4?

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Basically as my question states, where can I download Firefox 4?

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If the problem is that idiotic greying out of most of the address in the address bar, you can disable that from about:config.

browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled - set to false

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There were very few changed between Firefox 4 and Firefox 6. What are your particular issues with Firefox 6.0?

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Firefox 4 is much easier to navigate each individual web page you have open. I really do not like the little Firefox tab along the top. I much prefer to have bookmarks/favourites on each page I open. Firefox 4 met all my likes.

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In that case, try here - but be aware that FF 4 is said to have some security issues.


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Thank you, I'll try this and I'll let you know Tam

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With all the other bugs, I wouldn't trust 6.0 to be "secure", either.

Tamrover, if you're concerned about security, maybe you should go back to the last 3.x version. It was solid and secure. There's really no reason to upgrade unless there is some feature you really, really NEED, which 4, 5 or 6 gives you which 3.x doesn't.

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Brilliant RonQ and thanks for your help finitarry. I downloaded Firefox 3.6 and it feels like home. Thanks again for the fab support

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RonQ, is incorrect as Firefox 5.0 and 6.0 were essentially security updates in part as Firefox 6.0 for example has at least one security fix for something in Firefox 5.0 and 4.0.*.

The old 3.6.* is still barely getting any updates now as there may or may not be one after 3.6.21

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James, the fact remains 5.0 and 6.0, even of they had SOME "security updates", ADDED new bugs in the releases.

6.0, in particular, is a performance-killer. It also has caused people's plug-ins to cease working, in addition to other bugs.

So even if they fixed ONE thing from 4.0, they also introduced NEW bugs. Which is very much part of the problem with this update strategy, not to even get into the whole uselessness of a simple security release being a 1.0 level update (as opposed to 0.1 or 0.0.1)

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You really do not follow the new controlled development and testing much do you as otherwise you may see things differently. The 5.0 and 6.0 were essentially improvements and bug fixes on Firefox 4.0. They did not just cram a bunch of features and such and build one or two builds and for very brief testing and then release quickly as you may be thinking. Not counting the release candates of the Betas and the development nightlies at time, there were six Betas for Fx 5.0 and five Betas for 6.0 alone for example.

The 1.0 numbers are not such a big deal. The 0.0.1 increments you suggest they should be using would not work as those are Only used for the security and stability updates for a current version with exception of 3.6.4 for plugin container. The 0.1 itself can be seen as too minor also as rather minor also as little more than minor updates also. They could have done it in the fashion of say 0.5 increments they did at times and some would not perceive them as such a big update.

Believe it or not but for newer Firefox users or for those who do not quite grasp the version numbers the 0.1 increments would not have been that clear for some.

For example many mistakenly or on purpose refer to Firefox 4.0.1 and 5.0.1 as 4.1 and 5.1 and even 3.6.20 as 3.20 or 3.6.16 as 3.1.6 or 3.16 for example. If Firefox had changed to say 4.1 instead of 5.0 then some people who were using the 4.0.1 security update would think they already had it.

Actually Firefox 6.0 has been an improvement over Firefox 4.0 and even 3.6 and the upcoming 7.0 will be even better and should be even better with memory usage.

Firefox 6.0 does not cause Plugins to not work and the Extensions not working is simply because they were older versions without the maxversion bumps and fixes as needed.

Modified by James

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James, your ad hominems don't hide the fact, MANY people are experiencing SERIOUS PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS in 6.0! From slow-downs to huge memory leaks.

In fact, I'm seeing other bugs, not to mention the fact people are having compatibility issues with the 6.0 version and their plug-ins, graphics problems, etc., which were not just "bug fixes" over 4.0.

Now, IF 6.0 were really just a couple notches of FIXES above 4.0, I might feel less bad about it. I still wouldn't like this new numbering system, because it's designed for outward appearances only.

BUT - the bottom line is people are having PROBLEMS with 6.0.

At least the old numbering scheme let people know "this is a small fix, a bigger fix, or something entirely new". Now, it's just "it's new, so download it". Which screws some people over with releases which were clearly not ready.

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Until you can incorporate a Google toolbar into Firefox 6, I will stay with the version I have (3.6.20). I would like to update to version 4.0, which is the last version of Firefox that Google Toolbar works. I don't understand why you and Google can't work together to fix this problem.

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Spot on Thumper, what is the point of leaving out the Toolbar the most important part of any page!!!!! Shot themselves in the google foot!

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What I find annoying about these newer versions, is having to redo my page. Having parts work and other parts disappear. I have loved Firefox until 4 which created havoc, then today I thought I'd check out 6, now no Google toolbar. I agree with Tamrover and others--my commitment to Firefox was their icon toolbar and Googles. Creating MY browser page. Now, I've spent this morning checking out Chrome. I really don't need to waste all this time and energy on getting my browser just the way I want every time they create a newer version. If I wanted a generic, cumbersome browser I would have stayed with Explorer.

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imaferrari, yes, that is yet another problem with these unconscionably fast new releases. Not only do they NOT fix the bugs they should, faster than they introduce new ones, they also require people to go through more hassle.

This "new major releases a few times a year" approach is problematic from many angles. I miss the old Mozilla, which produced a great product.