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A favorite program suddenly won't load and I get the following message: Error reading crossword file. Check/daily-crossword/puzzles/2011-06/dc1-2011.bin is up

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The program was loading ok until a power outage 2 days ago. Since restarting the pc the crossword puzzle won't load and I get the message provided.

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I am making an assumption that you are browsing to a crossword puzzle website with Firefox. With this particular problem, you can usually fix it by going to your browser options and deleting the Temporary Internet Files. If that does not work, try going to:

C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

Delete all the folders and files and then restart the Web browser.

If all of that doesn't work, you will probably need to re-download or re-install the crossword puzzle.

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Deleting those files didn't work, and it's not an installed program. I download it from its web site.

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I see that almost 20 people have this problem and all are new this week. I have it as well and it appears in Firefox, IE and Chrome. I suspect it is a problem on the server end. I assume the site is (at least it is for me). I sent them a message but have had no reply in several days.

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I've had this problem since June 1 and no reply was received from Thinks when I wrote to them about it. In my case, it applies to the crossword puzzle and also to the codebreaker.

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I have the exact same issue at site .. Wordsearch and Daily Crossword do not load. Chess does load ok. I don't play most of the other games, so can't say about them. But I can say, all this started on June 01, 2011 .. everything worked fine until the end of May .. You can check that by loading any archived puzzles prior to June and they work fine. I also emailed Thinks and they say they are aware of the issue, but so far it has not been fixed. Seems to me they need better programmers or IT support staff. I also tried other browsers and had forums users on another site try and they get the same results, so most definitely not our problem.

more options appears to have been orphaned. There are NO new puzzles. The site is still running but there is no management to control it. I assume that there was a company failure or a death of the owner. The site problem happened once before [one or two years ago] and lasted for about two weeks. I assumed at that time that the site owner went on vacation. This time, the site has been abandoned.