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Why is my Firefox and flash player plug in crashing so often??

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Nowadays my firefox is crashing very often and for the last 3 days my flash player plug in is also crashing,I uninstalled and downloaded & installed the new version but still no difference.

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Please make sure your Flash plugin is up to date: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/

If you're having issues with 3.6.4 and the Flash plugin, please take a look at Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again and increase the timeout as indicated.

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Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53 is the latest, which the OP has for the Firefox that he posted here with.

http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/47b89f10-710b-4bc5-a4d4-824d62100624 Looks like a slow loading plugin, not specifically a Flash problem - unless you are absolutely sure it was caused by Flash. Do you have any other Crash Report numbers?

There's a Bug filed for that type of "crash". https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=565708 RESOLVED WONTFIX (Please don't comment in that Bug report unless you can provide a patch to fix the problem.)

You could try the "Increase the plugin timeout" which is discussed in this KB article, to see if that makes a difference for you. https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/The+Adobe+Flash+plugin+has+crashed

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Ever since I downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player it keeps crashing with the message "Flash Plugin crashed" I am using the latest firefox and previous to downloading the flash player had no problems

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Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of Firefox I've had this problem. I've done the plug in check. Nothing. I don't think increasing the timeout would make a difference because besides the plug-in crashing right away, it also can crash AFTER it's loaded. Loads up fine, then after a minute or two, the plug ins crash.

I love using Firefox, but this is a major problem and I'm going to have to reluctantly switch to a different browser until this problem is fixed.

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I will go back to internet Explorer.. the adobe flash plugins keeps crashing and it is crazy waste of time!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!!

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It's crashing so much, that everytime i open any site, except the very plain ones, like www.google.com, simply turns off. I've been forced to use IE or Chrome.

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A better strategy is just to avoid flash unless our needs and the sorry current state of software practices which permit no alternative / absolutely require its use. Flash is so obviously destructive of system reliability; and in systems where power is an issue smartphones, laptops flash is an unnecessary drain.

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A better strategy is just to avoid flash unless user needs and the sorry current state of software practices, which sometimes permit no alternative, absolutely require its use. Flash can be shown to be obviously destructive of system reliability; in systems where power is an issue -- smartphones, laptops -- there is no question that flash is an unnecessary drain. Just to see how much flash degrades performance, if you haven't tried the experiment install a flashblocker and a CPU usage monitor. Using the monitor, just compare performance when the flashblocker allows just one flash process to run; there is a huge effect even in a relatively high powered system.

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Firefox search engine is being such pain it is frustraing and an awful let down. I find it Extreemly discouraging. I have just about been able to have taken a quick look through the comments here . I have read that many people are experiencing the very same issue and I am in complete wonder as to WHY? nothing has been done about the problem pluggin contain that keeps on freezing my pages if I want to reasearch a site.

I also come to my pc for a little leisure time. When I try my facebook page almost immediately the site freezes the curser refuses to respond to and command and if i i keep trying the page all becomes covered over with a hazy veil across the screen let me know for certain the page is completely out of sorts.


This has only happened after I took avantage of your recommended upgrade. I study and its a huge big BUMMER for me NOT to be able to move swiftly through pages for reasearching.

I woul like to know along with everyone else ARE YOU able to FIX this problem NOW A.S.A.P?????? or else i feel i have to disentangle myself from your use and find another search engine to use that would be much more effective!