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Hate new "tabs"

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Sorry to rub salt into old wounds but this quote from a 2014 support post expresses my feelings exactly:

"What's the point of a 'tab' if there's no tab? Text floating around at the top of the page is not a tab."

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We bring a modernized and differentiated look to tabs since Firefox 89 in order to create a signature Firefox look and experience. More space on tabs will also help us to enable more use cases and features in the future.

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I also hate robots.

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Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Jackie, Can you be more specific about what you don't like in the new design? Maybe we can help?

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I agree with JackieFromNabb 100%. "What's the point of a 'tab' if there's no tab? Text floating around at the top of the page is not a tab"

What you will feel if you return to your home and found changes that you don't asked for? And some one speak to you about "modernized and differentiated look".

And also why the TABs must to be so disconnected from the page.

@ Chris Ilias, what I don't like are the imposed changes without any possibility of choice. Some people want to make his personal choice. But the worst here is that you can think I am speaking about "differentiated look".

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I hate the "new look" of FF 89. I'll be switching to another browser unless I can get the old look back that I've used forever.

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The button/bubble style tab isn't to everyone's taste, but currently there is no plan to return to the old look. I can give you a short-term workaround, but a more durable solution will require more work.

Temporary Fix

For testing purposes, there is a preference to switch the tab bar and address bar between new style and old style. This is not expected to continue in Firefox 90, but maybe you want to use it for now.

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box in the page, type or paste browser.proton.enabled and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the preference to switch between true (new style) and false (old style)

Longer Term Community Workaround

This involves setting up a userChrome.css file. I have a rules builder that will get more features throughout the month. By the time the above preference is removed, it should be mature. If you want to take a sneak peek now:

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Thank jscher2000. I appreciate your ultra-fast answer. For me isn't a taste issue but the way this is imposed. As simple user I'm, I must recognize at least I can say you thank. Have a nice day.

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I don't use tabs and the "floating tabs" just take up space on the small monitor screen! There should be an option to eliminate that row and to open in new windows - like I've always done.

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kesnova said

I don't use tabs and the "floating tabs" just take up space on the small monitor screen! There should be an option to eliminate that row and to open in new windows - like I've always done.

Hi kesnova, in the distant past, Firefox had a setting to hide the tabs row if there was only one tab, but for many years now, the tabs had to be hidden using custom CSS in a userChrome.css file. Is that what you've been doing up to now?

Regarding never opening tabs, there isn't a setting for that, but there are add-ons that immediately detach any new tab into its own window. I think that was the first add-on I ever wrote, so it's definitely nothing fancy. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/i-hate-tabs-sdi-for-firefox/

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For me one thing I strongly dislike is all the tabs blur into each other. I need the visual separation to be able to see which one I'm dealing with, which one I'm on, what else I have open.

With them all floating above the page, disconnected, it's also disconcerting because it's breaking with how my brain processes the browser. For me, tabs are like the ones in a three ring binder where each tab connects to a page and I flip through them by clicking. With the disconnected floating, non-selected tabs just fade into the background and almost merge with each other. It's extremely unnerving, and I'm glad jscher2000 had a temporary fix (and that I've now turned off auto-updates) because the ten minutes of looking at it and opening tabs to try and change it had my shoulders up around my ears.

If some people like it, fine! But make it an optional style change - the default, even, if you must - that users can choose to have or not, because for me it's not just annoying or less functional but is actually making me struggle and stress out trying to visually process my browser screen.

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Who's bright idea was this?

The change to the tabs in v89 seems like one of those utterly pointless, value-diminishing, superficial, empty "design" changes that some "creative" type (who should be working in the annoying advertising industry making crap adverts) has come up with.

I mean, WHAT WAS THE POINT of removing the tabs' edges, which very clearly demarcated the tabs so that they could be distinguished from each other by the unconscious mind in mere nanoseconds only to replace them with a foggy mess that takes MUCH LONGER for the eyes-brain to navigate across and between them?

What a ridiculous retrograde step.

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Hi everyone, It doesn't look like the person who posted the original question is going to respond, and others seem to be using this thread for there own issues, so I'm going to lock this thread.

For better help, it would be best to use https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new where volunteers can get more details about your setup.