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Firefox not playing nice with Outlook

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A recent up date to Zonealarm flagged a part (might have even been the executeable) of Firefox as having some malware, and automatically quarantined it, with the consequence that was unable to use it. It wouldn't even open. Consequently, I had to clean the remainder out and reinstall FF and set it up again to my liking. Since then, Email Link is not working properly. In fact it runs wild and is difficult to stop. In the Options>>Application I have mailto set to Use Microsoft Outlook just as it was before the reinstall which worked correctly. Now what happens is it gets itself into a never-ending reiteration or opening a new tab in FF, which then does something to open a new iteration of Outlook with the legend Navigation to the webpage was cancelled as shown in the attached screenshot. This somehow manages to open another new tab in FF and so on and so forth, until I manage to stop it. Below is the address I was testing with in a separate FF instance, and was a link to Google which is normally my default New Tab page (don't judge!) mailto:? I don't recognise much of the items on the menu bar, and if I click on the drop down menu where the above address appears, all it comes up with is Add or Remove buttons. I am rather at a loss of where to go with this. The version of Office that I am using is Office 2003 as it is the last without the damned ribbon, which I hate. I hope someone can come up with a solution for this, so thanks in advance.

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