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Help... long running scripts have been crashing my browser for months now.

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Long running scripts have been a constance daily occurrence every time I use my desktop computer since seems like forever. This is the latest one: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-base-view.xml:198..... Not sure if they are all calendar scripts because I'm not always given any script info, just a non responding error message sometimes. I asked for help once before and tried what was suggested, as best I could, but I still have the aggravating problem just as often as ever. However, admittedly I'm not all that computer savy and am more of a user than I am a fixer. My browser is up-to-date and I also reloaded a new one recently. Add-ons are also disabled. Any help at all will be appreciated, thanks.

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cor-el said

Are you sure that this is about Firefox and not about Thunderbird ?

Hey corel.... I'm far from knowing much about my problem or what's causing it. All I can tell you is this has been going on for sometime now. Some of the long running scripts was a chrome/calendar script which I think was a Thunderbird issue. So I finally found and disabled the lightning calendar or whatever it's called in Thunderbird. But I'm still having long running scripts, most of which aren't allowing me to identify them, plus a lot of freeze ups, momentarily freeze ups and non responsive messages. Also, something I haven't thought about mentioning to Fred is that for whatever reason I've lost the ability to send email through Thunderbird. I can still receive, but I can no longer send although my server settings are all correct. But I don't have a clue if that's related to the problem I'm having or not.

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You mention this chrome URI in the question text and that URI is part of Thunderbird:

  • chrome://calendar/content/calendar-base-view.xml:198

Do you also have these issues with Firefox ?

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I've never had an issue while in Thunderbird other than I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I'm no longer able to send emails through Thunderbird although I can still receive them. Also I haven't had any more of the chrome/calendar long running script messages in Firefox since I finally found and deleted the lightning/calendar in Thunderbird. But even though my problem has slowed down since I've been working with Fred, I've still been having aggravating slow downs and freeze ups in Firefox accompanied by long running script (with no script details) and Mozilla non responsive messages.

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OK guys. Just wanted to close this thread by saying thanks for all the help. Although I'm still having an occasional problem with Firefox and Thunderbird it is a whole lot better now than it was when I came here looking for help. It's not exactly like it should be but after all the trouble I've had with it for so long and I can live with it like it is. I've found the longer I leave my computer on unattended the more slowdowns and hang ups I have. I've also discovered that restarting it speeds it back up for a little while. So since I'm tired of fooling with for so long, I'm just gonna call it good and say thanks for helping me get it a lot better than it was,... BJ

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